Bonnybridge neighbours demand action on scrap

The 'blot on the landscape' ruining the view
The 'blot on the landscape' ruining the view

Neighbours are demanding action be taken against a car-breaking yard near their homes they claim is operating illegally.

After being flooded with complaints, Falkirk Council has contacted All Parts Auto Salvage in High Bonnybridge, which dismantles cars and commercial vehicles for spare parts, about its timetable for removing piles of scrap metal it is storing on the site at Hillview Road without permission.

Planning bosses have warned they will take enforcement action if an alternative site – or buyer – for the scrap has not been found by January.

Meantime, residents in nearby Reilly Gardens are furious they have been forced to look out on what they have labelled a ‘blot on the landscape’ for so long.

Despite raising their concerns through the local community council and councillors nearly a year ago, nothing has been done.

The Scottish Environmental Protection Agency has also been involved, but its instruction that the stockpiles of metal should be cleared have also so far been ignored.

Houseowner Alfred Hargreaves (67) said: “The council has no idea what it is like to sit in your front room and look at a skyline of scrap metal which is unauthorised material on an unlicensed site.

“We have all had to put up with the view and the noise of the scrap arriving and being moved around. It has been very frustrating. Waiting for the council to take effective action has left us all less than happy.

“We have known all along the operator is actively pursuing the sale of scrap metal on the site and will keep it there until the price is right. But storing scrap metal has nothing to do with dismantling cars and vans for spares. It’s all unauthorised material sitting on an unlicensed site.”

A spokesman for SEPA said: “We have been in discussion to the operator concerning unlicensed storage and instructions have been given that no further waste should be accepted onto the site and stockpiles should be cleared. Our officers continue to liaise with the operator to ensure this takes place as soon as possible.”

The company is owned by scrap metal merchants Angus Braidwood and Sons Limited.

As the Falkirk Herald went to press nobody at the company was available to comment.