Big bin issues for Grangemouth tenants

A new wheelie bin shelter is being built at Craigleath Road
A new wheelie bin shelter is being built at Craigleath Road

A plan to introduce a communal area to house wheelie bins has created storage problems for some residents.

Mother-of-two Jane Thomson has lived in her flat in Craigleith Road, Grangemouth, for nine years and has always had access to a storage locker outside her property. Now Falkirk Council has told her the storage area, which she has come to rely on over the years, is to be levelled to make way for a new wheelie bin shelter.

Jane said: “I’m all for upgrading the bin shelters, but there is room to keep the storage lockers. There is no room for the stuff in my home so I’m going to have to tell my daughter her bicycle will have to stay at her granddad’s because I’m not keeping it in the close.

“The council never asked us if we needed them before they told us they were going to knock them down.”

A Falkirk Council spokesperson said: “The works will help tackle waste and flytipping issues and improve access for refuse vehicles.

“We have kept all tenants informed since the first public consultation in 2012 with the majority of tenants supporting the environmental improvement programme.”