Bainsford’s Big Bar has almost gone as demolition continues

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The final stones in an iconic Bainsford building are finally being cleared.

Demolition of the Big Bar began in December after Falkirk Council acted over health and safety concerns.

The red sandstone building, which previously housed a pub and flats, had become derelict after a serious fire in 2005.

Since then the building at the corner of Davids Loan and Main Street has had an uncertain fate. Several attempts have been made to carry out repairs but the problem has always been tracing and negotiating with the large number of owners involved.

There are still road closures in place but the local authority plans to withdraw these within days.

Glasgow company JCJ Group will then clear the site of rubble and at the same time work on the gable end of the neighbouring property will take place.

Kerbs and paving will be restored by the end of March and it is anticipated that the site will be handed over by the end of that month.

The cost of the demolition is around £200,000 and the council has made it clear that their lawyers would be sending the bill to the Big Bar owners.