Airth Primary pupils enjoy a walk on the wildside

Airth Primary pupils enjoy the great outdoors
Airth Primary pupils enjoy the great outdoors

Local children turned into mini David Attenboroughs last week to star in a wildlife film.

Youngsters from Airth Primary shared their experiences about the fascinating creatures and habitats of the Inner Forth for an RSPB Scotland production.

They showcased the many opportunities to get closer to nature in the Inner Forth, and included everything from bird watching to a spot of rapping.

The film’s premiere, shown at the school last Wednesday, was attended by parents, local councillors, representatives from RSPB Scotland, and the Inner Forth Landscape Initiative.

Joanne Dempster from RSPB Scotland said: “We’ve been working with P7s from Airth and they’ve been absolutely fantastic!

“They’ve been learning about trees and fungi, did some pond dipping, planted spring bulbs at the Helix Park and set up camera traps to see what animals are around after dark.

“Producing the film has given the children a great chance to not only learn about natural issues themselves, but also use their own experiences to encourage other people to get out and enjoy the unique wildlife and wild spaces that can be found in the area.”

The P7s enjoyed eight different whole-day outings to local nature reserves and used their combined research to put the film together, taking care of the filming and audio themselves.

Julie McKenna, headteacher at Airth Primary said: “One of the things for the school was that we saw the children use skills that we wouldn’t normally see.

“Because it was real outdoor learning, one of our pupils shone at making bird boxes and was great at woodwork.

“It was an excellent project, and they all did really well.”