Enjoying the wrong company this year

As is my wont at this time of year, I consider how best to visit companies who may be away at annual camp; sometimes calling in on the way to or from my own time away. As this was difficult this year, involving a detour from near the Arctic Circle, I decided on a day out to visit only one, hoping reports of the others would later be forthcoming for my scribblings here. Having tried to check everything was in order, I arrived and looked all over the Kincraig site where I failed to find 1st Grangemouth (Abbotsgrange Church), only to discover my Vauxhall was inadequate for the task in that the TARDIS would have been required as, due to lack of numbers, the time and venue had been switched to an earlier date, to the outdoor centre at Dalguise!

Not being one to waste an opportunity, and thanks to the sharp eyes of my wife, I chanced on another camp at Kincraig which the local shopkeeper assured me was also a BB Company. So it was I briefly visited the Camp of 1st Kinross BB and (BB) Girls Association along with 1st Kinross Scouts. The combination of BB and Scouts camping together was new to me, not to mention the added dimension of girls! I was made welcome by Officer John Boyten and Scout Leader ‘Pedro’ McGregor and whilst doing his duties of seeming trainee cook, John told me of the 16 or so young people in their charge, about one third girls, who were at the time along with Captain Dave Munro and other leaders kayaking on the adjacent Loch Insh. Other activities included rock climbing and hill walking with the more adventurous ‘Munro Bagging’.

The company is known to me in my capacity as question-master at the BB National Masterteam Quiz Competition.

1st Grangemouth too, as national champions, will have encountered their table tennis team.