Enjoy a visit to Falkirk pools – but keep it clean

Swimming is a great all-round sport for all ages
Swimming is a great all-round sport for all ages

As the final countdown begins to the Commonwealth Games, people of all ages are being encouraged to take part in sports to stay fit.

Swimming is said to be one of the best all-round activities and Falkirk residents are well served with venues.

As well as the pools in three sports centres, Grangemouth, Camelon Mariner and Bo’ness, there are facilities open to the community in many high schools.

However, while they are being encouraged to make 
use of the pools with their youngsters, parents are also being urged to ensure they follow basic health and safety rules before and during their time in the water.

It comes after the Mariner Centre pool had to be closed on three occasions in one week for a clean-up operation after the water became contaminated by a youngster.

As well as disappointing people hoping to use the pool, it also results in a loss of income from the admissions and the cafe.

A Falkirk Community Trust spokesperson said: “There are posters and leaflets on display and we would ask people to follow the information on them.”

Hygiene rules urge people not to swim if they have sickness or diarrhoea. It is suggested people don’t go in the water if they have been ill in the last 14 days.

Babies and toddlers still in nappies should wear elasticated swim nappies to guard against accidental contamination – these can be purchased from the reception desks 
at all three swimming 

Parents should take their children to the toilet before entering the pool, as well as showering to cut down on the risk of water contamination.

The spokesperson added: “The trust recognised that swimming is an essential life skill and has set up a huge range of swimming lessons this summer to help everyone in Falkirk learn this basic skill.”

The spokesperson added that not only is learning to swim important for personal safety, there are many benefits, including:

l The whole family can do it

lHelps weight control, burns calories and builds muscle mass

l Builds cardiorespiratory fitness

l There is no age limit

l Low impact, gentle 
exercise which you can continue all your life

lLowers stress levels

lIncreases self esteem

l Improves sleep.

They added: “Most importantly, it’s super fun.”