Emilia’s a true people’s person

Smile Award candidate Emilia Moore
Smile Award candidate Emilia Moore

A good friend, a bubbly personality with a genuine love of people are just some of the reasons which led to Emilia Moore’s nomination for a smile award.

Isobel Baird put her friend forward for the accolade 
after seeing the competition advertised in last week’s Falkirk Herald.

She believes that Emilia, who is known as Milka and Amy by her friends, would be a worthy recipient.

The pair have known each other since 1969, when Isobel moved to the area from the Loch Lomond area.

Isobel said: “We worked together in Gordon Drummond’s chemist shop in the High Street.

Our children were the same age so we kept in touch over the years. Even if we didn’t see each other in ages, it always feels as if it was just yesterday.

“She is such a genuine person, and she is unselfish in her devotion to other people. She nursed her mother for a while before she died, and when my husband died 18 months ago, she came straight round.”

Emilia is a member of the village welfare association in Brightons, helping to organise coffee afternoons and outings for the elderly people in the area.

Isobel added: “She loves to do anything for anyone, and she would always go that extra mile for you.
“I think it would be nice for her to have some recognition for what she does.”

Emilia was shocked when she discovered Isobel had nominated her for the award.

She lives in Brightons, with husband Tom. The couple have a son, Barry, and grand-daughter Carly is 12.

Emilia said: “I’ve always been a people person. I like to try and help people, and I like to make them smile, and cheer them up a bit.

“People can sometimes be a wee bit down, and I think what can I do to lift them? It’s just little things and sometimes I don’t even realise I’m doing it.”

At the coffee afternoons in Brightons Community Centre, Emilia helps organise entertainment as well as outings throughout the year.

She added: “I do enjoy it. I’ve always liked being involved with other people, and they like having somewhere to come along to. ”