‘Embarrassed’ to host teams in Falkirk

One of the toilets at the Carmuirs facility
One of the toilets at the Carmuirs facility

Players from amateur football teams say they are “embarrassed” to host home games because local dressing rooms are in such a dilapidated state.

The facilities for the football parks at Carmuirs in Camelon, run by Falkirk Community Trust have been labelled “unfit for human consumption” by teams which play in organised leagues.

Greg Chapman (25), a winger for Tamfourhill United, took photos of the changing rooms which show filthy toilets, paint hanging off walls and ceilings, dirty sinks and shower areas and a foul stench throughout the building.

Greg said: “The boiler doesn’t work either so there’s no heating or hot water for players to take a shower after a game.

“Teams pay about £600 a year to use these facilities but they’re not fit for human consumption. It’s a disgrace.

“We play in a West Lothian league and the other teams’ facilities are fine there, but when we play at home we’re embarrassed by the state of ours, it’s pretty shocking.

“When you’ve got the likes of the trust and the council saying to people to do healthy activities, they should provide decent facilities for them to do it in.

After being sent photographs of the state of the dressing rooms, the trust’s sport and recreation manager Paul Finnie said the organisation did necessary work to have the facility ready for the start of the amateur season and added that users also have a responsibility to keep them clean and tidy.

He said: “We saw these photographs some months ago and have already arranged for essential repairs and maintenance to take place.

“However, the teams have a responsibility to keep the facility clean and tidy on an ongoing basis.

“We arrange a deep clean once a year so the changing rooms are ready for the season and then the teams who play at this venue have a responsibility to ensure good housekeeping is practiced, which includes rubbish collection, preventing vandalism and cleaning of the changing rooms.”