UNISON members ask John Swinney to give all workers in education fair pay

UNISON have written to John Swinney about the pay for workers in education
UNISON have written to John Swinney about the pay for workers in education

Falkirk UNISON members have written to John Swinney MSP to highlight that education is delivered by one team, who all deserve fair pay.

UNISON members said they believe last year’s higher pay increase for teachers than for other local authority workers could be repeated this year, and wanted to stress that Swinney could not deliver on education reform unless he valued the contribution of staff equally.

The members wrote to the Deputy First Minister and the Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills to highlight the vital role every educator plays in delivering high quality education and to press him for fair pay for all those working in education.

UNISONS’ Falkirk branch secretary Matt McGregor said: “Last year Mr Swinney found more money to give teachers a bigger increase than other local authority workers, despite us all contributing towards the education of Scotland’s children. We don’t think that was fair.

“Our members are classroom assistants, additional support for learning workers, librarians, clerical and admin staff, early years workers, technicians, janitors, catering and cleaning staff who all contribute to the delivery of high quality education for Scotland’s Children and who all deserve fair pay.

“Education is delivered by one team – Mr Swinney cannot ignore the contribution our members make to children’s education and if he values that he should ensure that everyone who works in education gets a fair pay rise.”

UNISON said their strategy for this year’s pay negotiations is to achieve equal pay for all local government workers, not just those in education.