Travel back in time in Falkirk

Brickworks in Bonnybridge circa 1930
Brickworks in Bonnybridge circa 1930

Libraries are holding a programme of events to celebrate Falkirk’s local history societies and the role they play in communities.

As part of the Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology celebrations, libraries are partnering with Archives and Heritage to hold a week-long festival to promote our local heritage and showcase the fantastic work local history societies across the district do.

A Falkirk Community Trust spokesperson said: “The programme boasts a range of events for all ages. Five schools are invited to their local libraries for presentations tailored to their local area by Geoff Bailey and associated craft activities.

“The adult events are of a participative nature too, with eight local history societies and two community councils presenting on their local area and providing accompanying displays to raise awareness and facilitate knowledge sharing.

“Using photographs of Falkirk provided by Falkirk Archives, we will also offer you the chance to time travel back to the Falkirk of yesteryear and be photographed using our greenscreen technology in well-known street scenes from the past, perhaps in the Falkirk Football Club celebrations of 1957.”

The programme includes two film shows – a 1938 film of Falkirk and two films of Bonnybridge.

St Joseph’s Primary in Bonnybridge will also be learning about Steins Brickworks and building the Antonine Wall out of Lego bricks, while Moray Primary in Grangemouth will be learning about the local aerodrome and constructing gliders.

The programme will end on Monday, May 8.

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