Recognising Denny high flyers

Denny dux for 2015/16 Craig Reid with rector Stephen Miller
Denny dux for 2015/16 Craig Reid with rector Stephen Miller

Pupils at Denny High School were encouraged to follow the message of the school motto – Aim for the Highest – at the annual prizegiving.

Rector Stephen Miller said everyone should continue to strive to make the most of their abilities and the opportunities presented, as well as chasing their dreams and ambitions.

The head drew comparisons with the recent stay on the International Space Station by Major Tim Peake and said his return to earth showcased a job well done.

He said there were similarities with their secondary school which at the start of the session had enjoyed its best ever exam results and nearly 60 per cent of pupils going on to Higher or Further Education.

Mr Miller also acknowledged the recent receipt of Falkirk’s School of the Year Award in sport.

He said: “One of the aspects of our school that impresses me more and more is the extent to which our young people readily accept positions of leadership and excel in them.”

The head highlighted the contribution of senior pupils, those who serve on the Student Council and the house, sports and charity captains.

He also paid tribute to Robert Patterson “one of the most gifted colleagues, teachers and counsellors I have ever known”, who sadly died in May after a short battled against cancer.

Mr Miller recognised the contribution of all staff members but highlighted three who were retiring after over 76 years service between them – Mrs Christie, Mrs McCreath and Mrs Motion.

A raft of prizes were handed out before the ultimate accolade, the Dux Medal was presented to S5 pupil Craig Reid.

He sat Highers in maths, English, chemistry and accounts, as well as an Advanced Higher in music.

Next session he will return for his final year at school where he intends to sit Advanced Highers in maths, English and chemistry.

Craig, who will be 17 on Sunday is the only son of David and Lynda Reid of Denny.

He hopes to eventually go to university to study maths before following a teaching career. When he’s not studying, Craig likes to play tennis, badminton and football.

He said: “I was quite surprised when it was announced I was the dux but very happy.”


S1 Certificates of Excellence – Samantha Campbell, Erin Constable, Iona Dalgleish, Craig Differ, Jennifer Donnelly, Iona Kelly, Leigh Mackenzie, Brodie McClurg, Amy McCormack, Emma McDougall, Shannon McIntyre, Finlay Whiteford.

S2 Certificates of Excellence – Annalissa Bailey, Freddie Bang, Abigail Crozier, Hope Gardiner, Struan Henderson, Cameron Ledwidge, Callum McArthur, Rachel McKinlay, Zoe Peebles, Luke Przybylinski, Garry Shaw.

S3 Subject Achievement - Sara Bennie (PTA prize for drama and TocH prize for history), Rebecca Elliot (Ian Craig Haulage prize for French and PTA prize for German), Peter Murphy (PTA prize for geography and Apex Vets prize for physics), Aidan Feighan (PTA prize for accounts), Zoe McKay (PTA prize for art), Rhianne Ferguson (Apex Vets prize for biology), Connor McVickers (Ian Craig Haulage prize for computing), Kristen White (Apex Vets prize for chemistry), Robbie McWatt (PTA prize for design and manufacture), Emma Passmore (PTA prize for dance), Tyler Reid (PTA prize for engineering science), Niamh Rankin (PTA prize for English), Jenna McGeachie (PTA prize for graphic communication), Rhys Marshall (Denny Tippers prize for mathematics), Harry Kemp (PTA prize for music), Sara McLay (Central Demolition prize for PE - creative and aesthetic), Robbie Lyall (Central Demolition prize for PE – games and sports), Rebecca Whitelaw (PTA prize for practical woodwork).

S3 Endeavour Awards – Sara Bennie, Adam Binnie, Eve Brown, Scott Differ, James Gray, Jenna McGeachie, Amy McMillan, Erin Munn, Niamh Rankin, Paula Rennie, Aidan Rose, Joseph Scobbie.

S4 Subject Achievement – Thomas Rintoul (Syngenta prize for chemistry, Ian Craig Haulage prize for German, Denny Tippers prize for mathematics, Ian Craig Haulage prize for music and Syngenta prize for physics), Bethany Gillies (Russel+Aitken prize for accounts and PTA prize for administration), Cameron Fleming (Ian Craig prize for computing and PTA prize for English), Eden McNeil (PTA prize for dance and Central Demolition prize for PE – creative and aesthetic), Sarah Lavery (PTA prize for engineering science and Ian Craig Haulage prize for French), Hannah Jordan (PTA prize for health and food technology and TocH prize for history), Megan Cassells (PTA prize for modern studies and PTA prize for practical cookery), Erin Richardson (PTA prize for art), Brooklyn Shaw (AA Physiotherapy prize for biology), Amy Rogers (Russell+Aitken prize for business management), Scott Buchanan (PTA prize for creative industries), Cleo Campbell (PTA prize for drama), Jake Shaw (PTA prize for geography), John Service (PTA prize for graphic communication), Yasmin Taylor (PTA prize for hospitality cake craft), Jake Leary (Central Demolition prize for PE – games and sports), Meghan Kyle (PTA prize for practical cookery, hospitality), Emily Douglas-Hamilton (PTA prize for religious, moral and philosphical studies).

S4 Endeavour Awards – Scott Buchanan, Aimee Caldwell, Alyssa Meldrum, Kiera Munnoch, Brooklyn Shaw,

S5 Subject Achievement – Charlie Scott (Apex Vets prizes for chemistry and physics, PTA prize for mathematics), Asha Stephenson (PTA prize for English and Ineos prize for history), Craig Reid (Russell+Aitken prize for accounts and PTA prize for music), Mairi McArthur (Ineos prize for art), Lindsey Arnott (Apex Vets prize for biology), Rachel Ramsay (Russell+Aitken prize for business management), Robbie Wilson (PTA prize for computing), Ryan Hanney (PTA prize for computer games development), David Crozier (PTA prize for design and manufacture), John Sherlock (PTA prize for drama), Marc Gray (Syngenta prize for engineering science), Claire Forrester (Ian Craig Haulage prize for French), Eilidh Forrest (PTA prize for German), Jonathan Burns (PTA prize for graphic communication), Amy Penman (PTA prize for health and food technology), Erin McGuckin (PTA prize for modern studies), Nicole Morrow (PTA prize for philosophy), Elise Smith (PTA prize for photography), Ellis Mackie (Central Demolition prize for PE – creative and aesthetic), Sophie Ogilvie (Central Demolition prize for PE – games and sports), Eilidh Shaw (PTA prize for religious, moral and philosphical studies).

S5 Endeavour Awards – Amy Donnelly, Claire Forrester, Callum Frame, Anna Leishman, Mairi McArthur, Jorgie Mills, Ethan Nystrom, Rachel Ramsay, Ailsa Scott, Shannon Turnbull.

S6 Subject Awards – Jennifer Campbell (PTA prize for mathematics and Apex Vet prize for chemistry), Freya Whiteford (Ineos prize for computing) and AA Physiotherapy prize for physics), Stephanie Morrow (PTA prize for geography and PTA prize for religious, moral and philosphical studies), Kirsten Connelly (Russell+Aitken prize for administration and IT), Molli Reynolds (PTA prize for art), Sylvie Guthrie Allan (Apex Vets prize for biology), Elise Henderson (Rusell+Aitken prize for business management), Ewan Burns (PTA prize for creative industries), Cameron Struthers (TocH prize for design and manufacture), Sophie McWatt (Ian Craig Haulage prize for drama), Euan Miller (PTA Prize for engineering science), Charlotte Kenna (TocH prize for English), Rachel Ferguson (PTA prize for French), Hannah Blackwood (PTA prize for German), Greta Bodnar (PTA prize for history), Kirsty Arnott (AA Physiotherapy award for human biology), Demi MacPhail (PTA prize for modern studies), Charlie Rees (PTA prize for music), Caitlin Friel (PTA prize for philosophy), Ryan Dickson (Central Demolition prize for PE – games and sports), Claire Buchanan (Kura Photography prize for photography), Calum Gray (PTA prize for practical woodwork).

S6 Endeavour Awards – Tiega Batchelor, Hazel Brookes, Bradley Fitzpatrick, Chralotte Kenna, Lucy Taylor.

Individual and Group Awards – Jennifer Campbell (Alumni award for Advanced Higher mathematics), Iona Kelly (Janet Hancock Memorial Prize for S1 history), Jena Buchanan and Paige Gilchrist (Rita Hunter Award for outstanding commitment and endeavour), Lauren Horner (Peter Deans Award for Outstanding Perfromance in accounts), Ryan Lumsden (Betty Kay Memorial prize for spoken Language), Callum Stowe (AA Physiotherapy Summit prize), Eli Shiels (Neil Donaldson Memorial prize for religious and moral education), Thomas Valentine (Charles Comrie Memorial Shield for service to the community), Kirsty Arnott (Robin Coulter Award for chemsitry), Adam Stanners (Ciaran Hawkes Memorial Trophy for effort and achievement in computing), Ethan Roberts (Geography Department Honour Award), Margaret Callaghan (Rector’s Literacy Award), Harry Blackhall and Chelsea Moles (Leadership Awards).

Charlie Scott (Proxime Accessit Award)

Craig Reid (Dux Medal for 2015/16)