Parents urged to walk pupils to school to ease Hallglen traffic chaos

Police have been called to deal with traffic congestion at Hallglen Primary School
Police have been called to deal with traffic congestion at Hallglen Primary School

Parents are worried that not enough is being done to stop motorists from speeding on a busy main road adjacent to a primary school.

Frequent complaints have been raised in recent years about drivers on New Hallglen Road, which passes Hallglen Primary School, with some claiming the route is like a “race track”.

Now one parent has called for improved pedestrian safety measures to be installed to encourage more pupils to walk to school, which would ease recent traffic congestion during busy drop-off times.

Patrick Hawthorne, whose eldest son recently began primary one at Hallglen, said: “Some parents are opting out of walking their kids to school which is causing a real problem as there is no space to park.

“This has prompted the police to step in and turn parents away from parking at the school.

“Parents are angry as nothing has been done to enhance the safety of the road and the school.”

Councillor Colin Chalmers, who represents Falkirk South, said that he had received regular complaints from residents about traffic through Hallglen Road.

“The parking issue at the primary school is more difficult,” he said.

“The school has been proactive in trying to encourage more parents to leave their cars at home and walk instead.

“I have been in touch with Mr Hawthorne and will be following up his concerns with the council and the police.”

A spokesman for Falkirk Council said: “We would welcome further more specific information so that we can look into this further.

“Once we have full details of the issues we will investigate these concerns to establish whether pedestrian guardrail, or indeed any other measures, would be appropriate in terms of providing a positive contribution to road safety.”