Parents unhappy as St Mungo’s High cuts technical course

St Mungo's High School
St Mungo's High School

A dad was stunned to learn his son’s school had axed tech studies... but pupils could still learn how to bake ‘creative’ cakes.

Despite over a dozen pupils at St Mungo’s High handing in a petition asking for the subject to be reinstated in next session’s curriculum, teachers have refused to budge.

Instead they said pupils can go to other schools in the district to study Higher technological studies – if they can find one still offering it.

Furious James Bruce was told it wasn’t cost effective to run a course that only had three pupils interested in sitting it in S5. However, he disputes the figures and said his son and many other classmates want to study the subject.

He said: “The decision to remove the course is detrimental to the future education of not only my own son but the rest of the class who wish to take the Higher course.

“It is extremely beneficial for building the foundations for an engineering career to allow students to gain experience in specific areas of engineering.

“This is based on cost savings and possibly the school could save money by removing ‘creative cake making’ from the S5 choices.”

A Falkirk Council spokesperson said: “In line with all Scottish authorities, we are unable to justify running courses with pupils numbering single figures. Given the very low number of presentations at Higher technological studies over the last few years, the decision was made to withdraw the course.

“We offer pupils in S4-6 the opportunity to go to other schools to study subjects not on offer in their own. If there is another school looking to deliver Higher technological studies in 2014/15, we will ensure that pupils wishing to take the course can do so.”