‘Momentous’ year at Braes High says head

(L-R) Aidan Harvey, Ross MacKinnon, head teacher Iain Livingstone, dux Niamh Waddell, Billy Sloan and Andrew Hislop. Picture: Michael Gillen
(L-R) Aidan Harvey, Ross MacKinnon, head teacher Iain Livingstone, dux Niamh Waddell, Billy Sloan and Andrew Hislop. Picture: Michael Gillen

Braes High’s headteacher paid tribute to the whole school community at this year’s annual prize-giving ceremony.

Iain Livingstone said the academic year of 2016/17 has been “momentous” following on from the previous year’s “unprecedented” exam and attainment success on a night when music veteran Billy Sloan was the guest speaker.

“We began the new session in August 2016, buoyant with the examination success of so many of our pupils,” said Mr Livingstone.

“These results also gave our staff great professional satisfaction, and were a just reward for their huge efforts in supporting their pupils on the way to this success.

“This level of academic performance, coupled with our highest ever influx of pupils into positive destinations on leaving school, justifies the resolute belief we have in the potential of the young people of Braes High School.

“However we recognise that these are only one year’s results and that if we are to completely fulfil our mission of ensuring that each young person in Braes High School maximises their potential, then these elevated outcomes must become a regular and consistent feature of our school.”

The head teacher went to outline how the school’s motto – Build Respect and Earn Success – Be Part of It – encapsulates its values of respect for self and others, the importance of hard work and application and how crucial positive contribution to the community is.

He also said the values helped everyone at the school cope through hard times.

Mr Livingstone added: “These are at the heart of our school’s ethos, and have helped us, as a school community, to cope with the sad and tragic moments we have encountered this session, when learning of and dealing with news of the passing of our young people – Dyllan MacLean and Jordan Coe – and also that of our colleague, Morag Hutton.

“I would pay tribute to all our pupils for their dignified and respectful response to these sad situations and would thank parents/carers, staff and the local community for their support too.”

Mr Livingstone also highlighted the importance of productive parenting which has contributed to pupil success.

He said: “None of our achievements could happen without the ongoing support of parents and carers for their young people. As a parent myself, I know the emotion, anxiety and joy that is part and parcel of seeing your son or daughter progress through life and education in particular.

“However, it is your support, being there to pick up the pieces when it falls apart, offering the unstinting encouragement, setting the boundaries when required, and no doubt being a bit of a taxi service into the bargain, that helps get your young person over the line, and that has to be acknowledged and appreciated.”

Now for the science part as dux Niamh plans summer lab work

The Braes High dux isn’t resting on her laurels and is hoping to be working in a lab this summer rather than kicking back on a holiday.

Niamh Waddell (17), from Reddingmuirhead, also won the Higher prizes for chemistry, modern studies and physics this year and is eyeing a future career in medicine or the sciences.

Despite all the hard work it took to secure the prestigious dux honour, modest Niamh said her achievement was a bit of a shock.

The S5 student, who is staying on to complete sixth year, said: “I’m really chuffed but it really was unexpected, but I’m very happy to become the dux.

“I’m not entirely sure what I want to do when I leave school. I’m staying on to sixth year and I would like to go university. I think I’d like to do something in the sciences or medicine.

“I have applied for a placement in a lab over the summer so hopefully I will get that for some experience, but I’ve got exams before any of that.”

Senior Awards 2017

S4 Certificate of Achievement, each subject can be taken at different levels: Nat4 and Nat5 - 4/1C: Molly Cannan, Outstanding Performance Biology; Evan Fian, Outstanding Effort Graphic Communication, Outstanding Performance Maths; Joshua Kirkland, Outstanding Performance Design & Manufacture, Outstanding Effort English; Zoe Newns, Outstanding Performance Business Education.

4/2C: Olivia Allardyce, Outstanding Effort Drama; Lauren Goodbrand, Outstanding Performance Art & Design, Outstanding Effort Design & Manufacture; Ryan Lourie, Outstanding Performance PE; Emma Mackay, Outstanding Effort Drama, Outstanding Performance History; Archie Moncur, Outstanding Effort Computing; Jack Stevenson, Outstanding Effort English, Outstanding Performance Graphic Communication; Sarah Tait, Outstanding Effort Chemistry, Outstanding Performance Maths, Outstanding Performance Music.

4/3C: Michelle Balfour, Outstanding Effort Physics; Caitlin Evans, Outstanding Performance Maths; Euan Grant, Outstanding Effort English; Nicole Harley, Outstanding Performance Drama, Outstanding Performance English, Outstanding Performance RMPS; Kelly Hoggan, Outstanding Effort English, Outstanding Effort History, Outstanding Performance RMPS; Adam Hughes, Outstanding Performance Computing, Outstanding Performance Maths; Niamh McLauchlan, Outstanding Effort German, Outstanding Performance Maths, Outstanding Performance Modern Studies.

4/4L: Jenny Donachie, Outstanding Performance Chemistry, Outstanding Performance Maths; Lucy Ferguson, Outstanding Effort English, Outstanding Performance PE; Ross Irons, Outstanding Effort English; Lauren Miller, Outstanding Performance Modern Studies; Jenna Riach, Outstanding Effort Drama, Outstanding Performance French, Outstanding Performance Maths; Kane Smith, Outstanding Effort Practical Cake Craft.

4/5L: Thomas Boyle, Outstanding Performance German, Outstanding Performance Maths; Sophie Malcolm, Outstanding Effort English; Cameron Potter, Outstanding Performance Computing; Jack Urquhart, Outstanding Performance Biology, Outstanding Effort German, Outstanding Performance Maths; Kieran Warden, Outstanding Effort English.

4/7O: Ryan Baff, Outstanding Effort English, Outstanding Performance Geography, Outstanding Effort Modern Studies; Ellie Crawford, Outstanding Effort Chemistry, Outstanding Effort Modern Studies; Ben Eaglesham, Outstanding Effort English; Katie Kelly, Outstanding Effort Chemistry; Sophie Kelly, Outstanding Effort French; Adela Mayers, Outstanding Performance PE; Euan McKay, Outstanding Effort English; Catriona Thomson, Outstanding Performance Music.

4/8O: Hamish Anderson, Outstanding Effort Graphic Communication; Shona Macdonald, Outstanding Effort English; Jessica Marshall, Outstanding Effort Biology; Mairi McGill, Outstanding Effort English; Aidan McLeish, Outstanding Effort English.

4/9O: Sayfali Ahmed, Outstanding Effort English; Caitlin Munro, Outstanding Performance Geography; Robert Sellstrom, Outstanding Effort in Upholstery; Amber Smith, Outstanding Performance Maths; Stacy Stewart, Outstanding Effort Chemistry.

4/10P: Kirstin Bell, Outstanding Performance Business Education; Sophie Hunter, Outstanding Performance English, Outstanding Effort PE; Louise Munro, Outstanding Effort Drama, Outstanding Effort English, Outstanding Effort French; Lara Pitcaithly, Outstanding Performance Maths; Ailie Wallace, Outstanding Effort Art & Design, Outstanding Effort German.

4/11P: Aqsa Anwar, Outstanding Effort Biology; Outstanding Performance Maths, Outstanding Performance Physics; Thomas Fisher, Outstanding Performance Chemistry; Marc Mager, Outstanding Performance English; Stuart Malcolm, Outstanding Performance Computing, Outstanding Performance Graphic Communication, Outstanding Performance Physics; Chloe McClung, Outstanding Performance PE; Emma Meaney, Outstanding Performance PE; Chloe Milne, Outstanding Performance Biology, Outstanding Effort Computing; Chloe Waye, Outstanding Performance English. 

S5 - Campsie: Kevin Allison, Outstanding Effort in Support for Learning; Lucy Buchan, Higher Certificate for Chemistry, Nat 5 Certificate for French, Higher Prize for Geography, Outstanding Effort in Human Biology; Rachel Calvert, Higher Prize for History; Scott Docherty, Joseph T Bennie Memorial Quaich for English, Higher Certificate for PE, Sports Leader of the Year Award PE, Nat 5 Certificate for Physics; Connor French, Higher Certificate for Computing; Kayleigh Graham, Higher Certificate for Modern Studies; Connor Hartel, Nat 5 Certificate for German; Siobhan Harvey, Higher Prize for RMPS; Josh Heggie, Higher Certificate for Music; Christie Marshall, Higher Prize for German, Nat 5 Certificate for Spanish; Ramsay Reynolds, Nat 5 Certificate for German; Erin Scott, Higher Certificate for Art & Design.

Lomond: Nicole Allardyce, Higher Certificate for German; Daniel Burrow, Higher Certificate for Maths; Emma Eaton, Higher Prize for Maths, Jackson Hughes Trophy for Maths, Donald Cameron Shield for Music, Higher Prize for Music; Elyssa Goodfellow, Sports Leader of the Year Award PE; Jodie Ferguson, Higher Prize for PE; Adam Holmes, Nat 5 Certificate for Maths; Kelso Hughson, Higher Certificate for Drama; Alexandra Kerr, Higher Certificate for French, Nat 5 Certificate for Maths; Alexander McLauchlan, Bovaird Prize Health & Food Technology; Lauren Pirie, Nat 5 Certificate for Practical Cake Craft.

Ochil: Louise McCaig, Higher Prize for Drama; Cara Mullan, Higher Certificate for English, Nat 5 Certificate for RMPS; Nadia Shafaq, Nat 5 Certificate for Geography; Niamh Waddell, Higher Prize Chemistry, Higher Prize for Modern Studies, Higher Prize for Physics.

Pentland: Caleb Bishop, Higher Prize for Computing; Lauren Carrick, Higher Certificate for Health & Food Technology; Christine Jaffray, Higher Certificate for Geography, Nat 5 Prize for RMPS; Jodi McElroy, Nat 5 Certificate for French; Kyle Meaney, Nat 5 Certificate for Computing, Nat 5 Certificate for Music, Higher Prize for Graphic Communication; Naomi O’May, Nat 5 Certificate for Art & Design; Hayley Smith, Higher Prize for French, Outstanding Performance Human Biology, Higher Certificate for Physics, Nat 5 Certificate for Spanish; Jennifer Sneddon, Nat 5 Certificate for Practical Cake Craft. 

S6 - Campsie: Abbie Cantell, Advanced Higher Certificate for Maths; Amy Coull, Nat 5 Certificate for Computing; Kelowna Dickson, Advanced Higher Certificate for Art & Design; Callum Docherty, Nat 5 Certificate for Geography; Ben Donkin, Nat 5 Certificate for Hospitality, Cookery; Andrew Gill, Advanced Higher Prize for Drama, Nat 5 Certificate for Music; Aidan Harvey, Advanced Higher Prize for Chemistry, Advanced Higher Certificate for Physics; Alexandra Harvey, Higher Certificate for History; Andrew Hyslop, Advanced Higher Prize for Biology, Advanced Higher Prize for Maths; Emma McAuslan, Outstanding Effort Modern Studies; Euan McMillan, Rankin Trophy for Higher English; Alistair Penman, Higher Certificate for Graphic Communication; Jess Reid, Advanced Higher Certificate for English; Ashley Young, Nat 5 Certificate for Business Management, Outstanding Performance Modern Studies.

Lomond: Lauren Donachie, Higher Certificate for Business Management; Marc Elrick, Class of ‘98 Cup, Advanced Higher Prize for Computing; Kyra Gourlay, Sheilagh Stewart Trophy for Advanced Higher Chemistry; Lauren Hunter, Higher Certificate for RMPS; Kirsty McDonald, Higher Prize for Business Management, Linda Muir Cup for Music Music, Advanced Higher Prize for Music; Jenni Potter, Higher Prize for Art & Design; Cameron Samuelson, Nat 5 Certificate for Business Management. 

Ochil: Jade Denholm, HP McCulloch Award for Drama; Rachel Griffin, Nat 5 Certificate for Hospitality – Cookery, Outstanding Effort (Mentoring); Lauren MacMillan, Nat 5 Certificate for Art & Design; Rachel Scott, Advanced Higher Prize for English, Advanced Higher Prize for History.

Pentland: Jenna Allan, James B Yates Shield for Art Art & Design, Higher Prize for Design & Manufacture; Scott Green, David Morrison Shield for Advanced Higher Physics, Advanced Higher Prize for Physics; Ross MacKinnon, Advanced Higher Prize for English, Advanced Higher Certificate for History; Philip Marshall, Advanced Higher Prize for Graphic Communication; Amy Roddan, Advanced Higher Certificate for Drama.

Final Awards: Outstanding Sporting Achievement, Jordan Ferguson; Anne Speirs’ Cup for Contribution to the School, Helena Glass; Robertson Trophy Rector’s Prize, Becky Morley, Charlie Harris; Smillie Trophy for Overcoming Barriers to Learning, Emily Fyffe; Class ’98 Excellence Award, Aidan Harvey, Rachel Scott, Ross Mackinnon, Andrew Hyslop.

DUX Medal Award, Niamh Waddell.