Larbert school boy calls for bus change

Ben Munnoch (14) complains about state of school buses
Ben Munnoch (14) complains about state of school buses
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A fed-up schoolboy wants 
improvements to the local 
authority bus service 
provided for Falkirk pupils.

Fourteen-year-old Ben 
Munnoch said youngsters deserve a better deal and that many of the vehicles used are below standard.

The third year St Mungo’s pupil goes to and from his 
Larbert home on a bus provided by Davies Coaches of Plean and said the 20-minute 
journey is fraught with issues.

He also believes Falkirk Council could do more to 
ensure that youngsters travel in comfort and safety.

The teenager first contacted the local authority last 
August to raise his concerns and inspections were carried out, with the bus company told to clean up its act.

Ben said: “The buses we use are not clean or safe. There is no heating, windows are jammed open, there are always leaks and puddles on the upper deck which run downstairs causing a trip hazard.

“I have complained to the council on many occasions and although they inspect the buses, they have not done 
anything about them.

“The council has failed me and many other pupils and I am very disappointed in them.”

His mum Sharon said the condition of school transport had been an ongoing problem for years and urged the council to introduce 

Falkirk Council currently spends £3.35 million on transporting pupils to and from school. Davies Coaches has an annual contract of £260,000 from the local authority.

A Falkirk Council spokesperson said: “We have carried out an inspection and found there are some areas which could be improved.

“The operator has agreed to carry out a deep clean of a small number of buses during the spring break and we will continue to monitor the situation. Our school bus surveys have shown no signs of overcrowding.”

It was not possible to 
contact Davies Coaches for a response.