Larbert pupils go for gold

The Captains Challenge will involve everyone at Larbert High
The Captains Challenge will involve everyone at Larbert High

The Commonwealth Games in Glasgow aims to leave a lasting legacy - something one group of school pupils have taken to heart.

The house captains at Larbert High have organised an impressive school-wide challenge incorporating the values of the 2014 games.

The two school captains and nine house captains created the ‘Captains Challenge’ to promote sports 
and culture.

The senior pupils have asked the whole school to take up a challenge and keep it up until the end of
 the academic year.

The activities can be sporting or cultural and the captains and teachers are 
also taking part.

Head boy Fraser Johnston came up with the idea and is training for his first half marathon while head girl Marnie Mackay has taken 
up roller skating.

Fraser (S6) said: “The Commonwealth Games are about leaving a legacy and we want the Captains Challenge to be a lasting legacy.

“It’s going to run every year and encourage Larbert High pupils to continue to challenge themselves for years to come.”

The captains also contacted every Scottish Commonwealth Games medal winner and asked them to come and talk to the pupils.

Last week, the first talk was given by Lachie Stewart, who won gold in the 
10,000 metre race in 1970 with plans for other medal winners to talk in the 
coming weeks.

Fraser added: “We’ve 
been emailing and Tweeting every medal winner and we’re trying to sort out 
visits with as many 
as possible.

“I hope the Captains 
Challenges encourages people to take up sport or a hobby and to push themselves to do something they didn’t know they could do.”