Larbert High – four duxes, three special guests and one great night

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It sounds like a joke but how many duxes does one school need to prove it is one of the best educational establishments in the Falkirk area?

In Larbert High School’s case they answer to the question is four – senior pupils Cameron Gray, Libby McMeekin, Esme O’Donnell and Annette Selwyn all earned themselves the school’s top award for their commitment to excellence in education.

And where there are duxes there are proxime accessits – Andrew Fleming, Lana Owen and Jamie Scott.

The school did not exactly scrimp on the special guests at its prizegiving ceremony in the Dobbie Hall last week either, with former Falkirk Council chief executive Mary Pitcaithly OBE joining rapper and activist Darren ‘Loki’ McGarvey and international STEM ambassador and NASA advisor Deborah Grubbe on the night.

Rector Jon Reid said: “The school is incredibly proud to report on another terrifically successful year, in this, Scotland’s Year of Young People. This year the school has been recognised for our work across a broad range of areas.

“We were one of the first three secondaries in Scotland to be awarded the coveted Digital Schools Award, we were crowned as the UK STEM 
Secondary School of the Year at the STEM UK ENTHUSE Awards and at this year’s 
Scottish Education Awards, we won the award for 1+2 Languages.

“And to top it all off, this week we are one of three finalists in the category for Hub and School of the Year at Team Scotland’s Scottish Sports Awards where we have been described as being involved in ‘one of Scotland’s top performing sporting initiatives’.

“Awards like these are important, because behind each of them, sit thousands of hours of hard work, dedication, effort and commitment from our young people and our members of staff.

“They also open the doors for future opportunities to ensure all of you can go on to achieve their goals as they get ready to leave school, in whatever path they wish to take.

“I offer my warmest congratulations to all of the prize winners.

“Well done to each and every one of you, and also to the team that has supported you on your way, whoever that may be.

“All of your hard work, commitment and effort over the course of the last year has really paid off – you should truly be very proud of your achievements in – this – Scotland’s Year of Young People.”


BGE (S1-3)


Epressive Arts - Khayla Bell, Expressive Arts – Lily Brown, Science – Kathryn Carson-Brown, Humanities – Emma Cowan, English – Anna Dyson, Languages – Ava Fairley, Technologies – Sam Friar, Pupil Support – Paige Galbraith, Science – Adam Grant, Expressive Arts – Jenna Hamilton, Mathematics – Mark Henderson, Humanities – Luca Jackson,

Humanities – Logan Kirkbride, Languages – Katy Knox, Expressive Arts – Sophie Leslie, English – Euan MacRae, Pupil Support – Robbie McBain, Science – Murray McGillivray,

HWB – Kate McIntyre, Pupil Support – Abbie Miller, Science – Callum Moffat, Expressive Arts – Isla Mulholland, Expressive Arts – Grace Ogg, English – Esme Ong, Expressive Arts – Alice Palencarova, Humanities – Sarah Parker, Expressive Arts – Lisa Rennie, Languages – Erin Simmers, Mathematics – Eva Simpson, Mathematics – Brooke Sneddon, Expressive Arts – Olivia Stewart, Expressive Arts – Jack Stubbs, Languages – Paige Szanyi, Languages – Kyle Waddell, HWB – Ryan Wallace, Science – Jonathan Wright, HWB – Amy Yardley, Humanities and Mathematics – Summer Cook, Expressive Arts and HWB – Anthony Dodds, Expressive Arts and Languages – Ella Dowell, Humanities and Languages – Rachel Fleming, Expressive Arts and Languages – Kim Fraser, English and Humanities – Robyn Gargan, Mathematics and Technologies – Flynn Hemsley, Humanities and Science – Erin Henderson, Mathematics and Technologies – Isla Houston, Mathematics and Science – Emma Irvine, HWB and Languages – Joseph Kallow, HWB and Technologies – Ruth MacDonald, English and Science – Campbell Mackay, English and Humanities – Gabrielle Pascoe, Expressive Arts and Science – Caitlin Peattie-Hume, English and Languages – Sophie Rollin, HWB and Languages – Cameron Simmons, Expressive Arts and HWB – April Stewart, Humanities, Languages and Technologies – Jay Roddan, English, Languages and Science – Szymon Zuk, English, Expressive Arts, Humanities and Languages – Nya Beattie, Expressive Arts, Humanities, Languages, and Science – Roddy Johnston, Humanities, Languages, Mathematics and Science – Cameron Shaw


Pupil Support – Cameron Archibald, Expressive Arts – Amy Cardno, Expressive Arts – Martha Jayne Cowan, Science – Amaris Cuthbert, Technologies – Charlotte D’Alby, Technologies – Katie Donaldson, Pupil Support – Connor Draycott, Expressive Arts – Zain Farooqui, HWB – Alex Forsyth, Languages – Hannah Forsyth, English – Olivia Gardner,

HWB – Lucas Grieve, Technologies – Lauren Johnston, Mathematics – Rebecca Karpinski, Pupil Support – Finlay Kidd, Pupil Support – Catriona Lees, Humanities – Kacey MacPherson, Expressive Arts – Bradley Macrae, Technologies – Aila McAnsh, Expressive Arts – Claire McGuire, Humanities – Holly McKie, Expressive Arts – Gregor McKinnon,

Expressive Arts – Ben McRoberts, English – William Miller, HWB – Aimee Claire Muir, Languages – Katie Niven, English – Rachel Oatway, Pupil Support – Jayme O’Reilly, Pupil Support – Kai Paton, Technologies – Emma Simpson, Expressive Arts – Connor Stevenson, Humanities – Skye Watson, English – Ciara Welsh, Expressive Arts – Isla Williams,

Technologies – Sarah Williamson, English – Gabby Wilson, Science – Michelle Yu, HWB and Languages – Niamh Campbell, HWB and Languages – Becky Carmichael, HWB and Languages – Olivia Fawkes, Languages and Science – Rebecca Gray, English and Science – Neve Hogg, Languages and Science – Uzair Khan, Mathematics and Science – Emma Miller, Humanities and Languages – Holly Mitchell, Languages and Technologies – Corey Sharp, Expressive Arts and Mathematics – Isla Simpson, Expressive Arts and Languages – Zoe Yeaman, Humanities, Languages and Science – Marcus Budd, Humanities, Languages and Science – Matthew Davidson, Expressive Arts, HWB, and Mathematics – Jonathan Faulks,

English, Expressive Arts and HWB – Kirsty Melville, English, Mathematics and Technologies – Sebastian Skierski, Expressive Arts, HWB and Languages – Natasha Wilson, English, Humanities, Languages and Mathematics – Louise Cade, English, Mathematics, Science and Technologies – Amy Leslie, English, Expressive Arts, Humanities, Languages, and Technologies – Marnie Izatt


Languages – Briana Boyd, Expressive Arts – Amie Bryson, HWB – Euan Burns, Humanities – Bethany Condie, Languages – Zara Cowan, Technologies – Miriam Crawford, HWB – Nina D’Ambrosio, National 5 Media – Aimee Duff, Languages – Sean Ferguson, Pupil Support – Richard Galbraith, HWB – Ben Gavigan, Technologies – Mac Gavigan, Humanities – Ellie Gifford, Languages – Lewis Gillespie, HWB – Rebecca Godfrey, Technologies – Evie Hannah, Expressive Arts – Ewan Kane, Languages – Robbie Macdonald, Expressive Arts – Iona MacMillan, Languages – Alex Mardon, Languages – Steven Marshall, Science – Heather Matheson, Science – Colin McDonagh, HWB – Cerys McWatt, Languages – Neve Moore, English – Fiona Murphy, English – Sam Parsons, Technologies – Alastair Paterson, Mathematics – Kerry Robertson, Science – Meaghan Roy, Expressive Arts – Andreja Sapizenkaite, Pupil Support – Callum Scott, Pupil Support – Abigail Wark, Dance National 5 – Aimee Wannan, Languages – Alex Whitfield, IPS and Technologies – Steven Aitken, IPS and Technologies – Arnold Caikovskij, IPS and Technologies – Ceilidh Donald, Expressive Arts and Languages – Kyle Hannah, Humanities and Technologies – Rachel Johnston, Expressive Arts and Humanities – Hannah MacLeod, Expressive Arts and Mathematics – Cam McBurney, English and Media – Jack McEwan, Expressive Arts and HWB – Rebecca Melville, Humanities and Science – Carrie Mitchell, English and Humanities – Tilly O’Donnell, English and Technologies – Alexandra Sardzikova, Mathematics and National 5 Dance – Ellie Stenton, Expressive Arts and Science – Hilary Stupart, Expressive Arts and Languages – Amy Thomson, English and Expressive Arts – Ellie Turnbull, English, Mathematics and Science – Sophia Blum, Expressive Arts, Humanities, and Science – Sophie Calderwood, Expressive Arts, Languages and Mathematics – Rachel Conroy, English, Expressive Arts and Languages – Alyx Easton, English, Languages and Mathematics – Fraser Hastings, English, HWB and Mathematics – Kyra Ho, Mathematics, Science and Technologies – Kyle McGillivray, English, Languages, Science and National 5 French – Amelia Budd


National 5

Art & Design – Leah Faulks, Biology – Rebecca Joyce, Business Management – Sara Hendry, Chemistry – Matthew Simpson, Computing – Zed Kennedy, Design & Manufacture – Cameron Stein, Drama – Bethan Pennie, English – Hannah Gourlay, English – Hannah Lawrie, ESOL – Hubert Kaczmarski, French – Jonathan Hastings, Geography – Adam Pascoe, Geography – Nina Johnston, German – Natalie Stark, Graphic Communication – Leah Faulks, HFT – Rebecca Joyce, History – Stefan Morrison, Hospitality: Cake Craft – Jack Eadie, Mathematics – Anna Dougan, Music Technology – Arran Blackwood, Music Technology – Joe Chalmers, Philosophy – Jennifer Burnett, Practical Woodwork – Michael Lloyd, Spanish – Ava Gray, Spanish – Mark Angus, Engineering Science & Physical Education – Jay Jackson, Modern Studies & RMPS – Carly Toland, Mathematics, Music & Physics – Sarah Dyson


Computing – Gregor Amos, Dance – Abby Renwick, Geography – Sara Campbell, German – Sarah Dyson, German – Leo Shak, Spanish – Carly Toland

Advanced Higher

Mathematics – Matthew Simpson


National 5

Italian – Adam Taylor


Art & Design – Niamh Fisher, Art & Design – Josh Hale, Biology – Abby Dickson, Chemistry – Emily Dobbie, English – Craig Lockyer, French – Adam Taylor, HFT – Claire Singleton, History – Ethan Weir, Mathematics – James Fisher, Music – James Thomson, Physical Education – Laura Stirling, RMPS – Sam Henderson, Drama & Music Technology – Pierce Brown, Design & Manufacture, Graphic Communication & Physics – Joseph Parker, Biology, English, ESOL, HFT & Mathematics – Marina Lykoudi


National 5

Hospitality: Practical Cookery – Lucy Brown, Practical Metalwork – Hamzah Saeed, Practical Metalwork – Jack Storrie, Sociology – Vivienne MacMillan


Human Biology – Zoe Sneddon, Media – Kate Finlay, Modern Studies – Kathryn Daley, Photography – Caitlin Macdonald, Business Management & Environmental Science – Cameron Gray, Philosophy & Psychology – Esme O’Donnell

Advanced Higher

Art & Design – Carys Speed, English – Kate Finlay, Geography – Calli Wilson, German – Leah Simpson, Graphic Communication – Keigan Hawthorn, HFT – Jenna Connelly, History – Kate Finlay, Modern Studies – Aiden Campbell, Physical Education – Andrew Turnbull, Physics – Andrew Fleming, Spanish – Lucy Bell, Drama & French – Megan Goodwin, Biology Chemistry & Music – Annette Selwyn