Grangemouth High prizegiving: Roller girl Rebecca leads school’s 2018 success story

Dux, Rebecca Stewart (16) and proxime accessit, Simon Paton (17)
Dux, Rebecca Stewart (16) and proxime accessit, Simon Paton (17)

Like its star pupil, Grangemouth High School is rolling towards even more success in the future.

When she is not studying hard or passing exams with flying colours, S6 student Rebecca Stewart is sporting the team colours of the Bairn City Rollers roller derby team and tearing around the track in Grangemouth Leisure Centre.

Rebecca (16) usually shares victory as a member of a team, but she was over the moon when she learned of her individual academic success earlier this year – especially when she found out she was not in any trouble.

“It was a few months ago,” she said. “I remember I was ill and almost got sent home from school that day. Our names were called over the tannoy – and my name never gets called out over the tannoy.

“I thought I was in trouble for something, but when I was told I was the school dux I was really pleased. My family and friends are all going to go to dinner to celebrate.”

The former Moray Primary School pupil lists her favourite subjects as graphic communications, maths and science and she hopes to pursue a career in graphic design or advertising when she leaves education.

For proxime accessit Simon Paton it was a case of making a triumphant retun to Grangemouth High School since he has now left to pursue higher education elsewhere. He did come back to receive his award at the end of term, however.

Simon (17) said: “I wasn’t even expecting anything.”

He has a conditional offer to attend Edinburgh’s Heriott Watt University to study artificial intelligence and hopes to enjoy a career in software development.

Headteacher Paul Dunn was rightly proud of his two top students, but he told assembled parents at the recent annual awards ceremony his pride stretched to all his pupils and staff at the school, for the hard work and effort they put in day in, day out.

These efforts are a perfect response to Grangemouth High’s revamped school values, which boil down to just four words – achieving, positive, learning and respecting.

Mr Dunn said: “Whether they are the school dux or the winner of a junior award, every young person has earned their moment and needs to know that as a school community we are so proud of them.

“At Grangemouth High School we offer our pupils a positive and respecting environment with a range of opportunities to learn and achieve. I would like to share this message with our pupils – you are here because you have been successful, however, you will not always succeed and you will make mistakes.

“Dreams don’t work unless you do and sometimes dreams just don’t come true. However, you must dream and you must try to achieve your dreams and don’t let anyone put you off.

“If it doesn’t work the first time then try again and again. Keep working at it because hard work pays off in the end. I am pleased to report that once again this session their hard work and achievements have given us so much to celebrate.

“Throughout this session our pupils have delivered success across such a wide range of areas – in the academic, sporting and the arts we have seen our fair share of successes this session.

“There are simply too many to capture, and I could list national finals in the area of STEM or Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics, multiple successes at the Active Schools Awards Ceremony, our junior and senior dance groups competing again at the Forth Valley Dance competition and although we didn’t win the overall competition this year we were placed as one of the top three schools across Forth Valley – this is great for a school that does not even have a Dance Academy attached to it.”

Mr Dunn added in the past five years the school has shown and maintained improvements and raised the percentage of S4 pupils attaining at least five National 5 qualifications by over 15%.

In the same period the percentage of S6 pupils with at least thee Highers has doubled.

The guest speaker this year – former Grangemouth High maths teacher Jim Tierney – would certainly have been pleased with those figures.

Mr Dunn also paid tribute to staff who have left or are about leave, including PE teachers Bruce Taylor and George Burnett and deputy head teacher Alison Humphreys.

First Year

Certificate of Personal Achievement

Colin Binnie, Roan Buckham, Katie Fraser, Greer Hunter, Gregor Hunter, William Lawless, Charlotte Makin, Olivia Stewart, Patryk Torzecki, Angus Tulloch, Leontyna Young

Second Year

Certificate of Personal Achievement

James Black, Millie Bowman, Emily Cochrane, Maizah Javed, Abby Laurie, Jude Maxwell, Chloe Meichan, Steven Miller, Freya Morrison, Lucy Morrison, Paulina Naplocha (EAL Award for Achievement), Mia Pittman, Kristina Reid, Aarron Ross, Graham Ross, Fred Wilson

Third Year

Certificate of Personal Achievement

Christopher Beattie, Shaun Cieslar, Jack Dickson, Sophie Golding, Aidan Lamza, Rebecca Madden, Lauren Manson, George Martin, Zander McKenzie (Kirk of the Holyrood:RME), Sophie Morrison, Aaron Mulhall, Euan Tulloch

Fourth Year

Jake Anderson – Certificate of Personal Achievement and Elliott-Smyth Trophy for Computing; Samantha Anderson – Elliott-Smyth Trophy for Computing; Craig Black – Outstanding Achievement in Business Management, Chemistry, English, Mathematics, Modern Studies and Physics; Rachel Cairns – Outstanding Achievement in Biology and History;

Jennifer Clark – Outstanding Achievement in Accounts; Sophie Crawley – Outstanding Achievement in Geography; Kelsie Laverty – Outstanding Achievement in Chemistry; Chantelle Liddle – Outstanding Achievement in Business; Kieran McComiskie – Outstanding Achievement in Physical Education and Certificate of Personal Achievement; Lauren McIntyre – Certificate of Personal Achievement; Andrew McKinnon Outstanding Achievement in Design and Technical and Music; Jeet Navindgi – Certificate of Personal Achievement; Holly Reid – Outstanding Achievement in Skills for Work Health Sector; Sophie Reid Outstanding Achievement in RMPS; Heather Simpson – Outstanding Achievement in Music; Sarah Speirs – Outstanding Achievement in Graphic Communication and German; Stephen White – Outstanding Achievement in Physics; Ethan Whyte – Outstanding Achievement in French Certificate of Personal Achievement

Fifth Year

Gemma Alexander – Certificate of Personal Achievement; Scott Campbell – Certificate of Personal Achievement; Gavin Dawson – Outstanding Achievement in History and Certificate of Personal Achievement; Robbie Dougall – Certificate of Personal Achievement; Taylor Douglas – Outstanding Achievement in Physical Education and Certificate of Personal Achievement; Heather Ferguson – Outstanding Achievement in Business Management, Accounts, English and Music and The Lilias Hotchkiss Literary Award for Accounting;

Gemma Howieson – Outstanding Achievement in Media; Olivia Masterman – Certificate of Personal Achievement; Lewis Maxwell – Outstanding Achievement in Chemistry and Physics and Certificate of Personal Achievement; Simon Paton – Outstanding Achievement in Computing Science; Kyle Petersen – Certificate of Personal Achievement; Gail Robertson – Outstanding Achievement in Drama; Caitlin Smith – Outstanding Achievement in French; Rebecca Sneddon – Outstanding Achievement in RMPS; Klaudia Stawinska – Outstanding Achievement in Administration, Certificate of Personal Achievement and Practical Cookery Award; Rebecca Stewart – Outstanding Achievement in Biology, Graphic Communication, Certificate of Personal Achievement and TBB Architecture Award; Kyle Syme – Outstanding Achievement in Art and Design; James Taylor – Outstanding Achievement in Music Technology; Lee Taylor – Outstanding Achievement in Mathematics and The Jim Tierney Award for Maths; Izabella Trzybinska – Outstanding Achievement in Fashion and Textile and Certificate of Personal Achievement; Cameron Young – Certificate of Personal Achievement

Sixth Year

Joshua Bissett – Outstanding Achievement in Chemistry and Modern Studies and Ineos Award for Chemistry; Allan Dickson – Outstanding Achievement in Geography, Mathematics and Physics, Certificate of Personal Achievement, Award for Advanced Higher Maths, Syngenta Award for Geography and Calachem Award Physics; Rachael Dickson – Certificate of Personal Achievement; Bethany Faulds – Outstanding Achievement in Art and Design; Robyn Little – Outstanding Achievement in Economics and Biology; Emma McIntosh – Zetland Parish Church: Religious and Moral Education; Samantha Niven – Outstanding Achievement in Music and Certificate of Personal Achievement; Matthew O’Dea – Outstanding Achievement in Design and Manufacture; Rachael Pearson – Unison Award for Business Education; Megan Randalls – Concrete Society Design Award; Morgan Reid – Certificate of Personal Achievement

Special Awards

Roan Buckham, Paulina Naplocha, Rachael Bonnet-Dell, Shaun Ciesler, Rebecca Madden and Jodie Taylor – Special Recognition Award for Services in Library

Joshua Laing – UK Junior Mathematical Challennge Gold Certificate S1 and Best in Year

Fred Wilson – UK Junior Mathematical Challenge Gold Certificate S2 and Best in Year

Danielle Leebody – Junior Musician of the Year Trophy

Chloe Ashe – Junior Vocalist of the Year Trophy

Kirsty Mather – Senior Vocalist of the Year Trophy

Samantha Niven – Outstanding Achievement in Music Trophy

Gail Robertson – The Scougall Trophy for Drama

Zander McKenzie – James Black Memorial Shield for Artistic Achievement (Junior)

Lindsay Adams – Moray Middle School Trophy for Artistic Achievement (Senior)

Megan Randalls – The Anne Addison Art Trophy

Ruairi Davidson – The Paterson Shield for Sporting Achievements (Junior)

Jack Davidson – The Abbotsgrange Middle School Trophy for Sporting Achievement (Senior)

James Black – Falkirk Football Club for Sporting Achievement

Sam Campbell – S2 Football Team

Matthew O’Dea – The Award for Excellence in Enterprise Education

Andrew McKinnon – Award for Exceptional Progress (Additional Support Centre)

Leonna Howieson – Award for Progress (Support for Learning Department)

Rachel Dickson – Service to the Wider Community

Alan Dickson – Service to the School

Laura Leebody, Laura Leebody, Robyn Little, Samantha Niven, Holly Sneddon, Darren Wilson – Saltire Award for 200 Hours of Volunteering

Rachel Dickson, Smantha Niven – Saltire Award 500hrs Volunteering

Teri Millar – The Wider Achievement Award (Athena Learning Ltd)

Sophie Naylor – Joan Fyfe Memorial Trophy

Rebecca Buchanan – GHS Former Pupils Reunion Trophy for Attitude and Attendance

Rebecca Wilson – Lynsey Didcock Memorial Trophy

Robyn Little – Co-operative Community Award

Owen McCullagh – Forth Valley Wider Achievement Award

Dawn Muir, Matthew O’Dea, Rachael Pearson, Amy Stewart – Young Enterprise Scotland

Scott Campbell – Heriot Watt University Leadership Award

Abby Laurie – Headteacher’s Merit Award

Avon House – House Championship Trophy

Jessica Connell, Rachael Dickson, Samantha Niven, Morgan Reid – Headteacher’s Award for Service to the School