‘GetSetters’ show their dedication to Olympics

It’s the biggest sporting event in the world and will leave a lasting legacy in its host city of London.

But the 2012 Olympic Games will also have an impact closer to home as two schools have become part of the ‘GetSet’ network.

Corri Cairns and Bradley McCabe with the Olympic mascot

Corri Cairns and Bradley McCabe with the Olympic mascot

Falkirk High and Oxgang Primary in Grangemouth have been recognised for their commitment to Olympic values.

Both schools are now active members of the London 2012 education programme which aims to inspire pupils by taking part in a series of special events.

Kids at Falkirk High will be taking part in a mock Olympics which will be staged complete with an elaborate opening ceremony, all organised and arranged and by the pupils themselves.

Last week the school was presented with a plaque and two giant Olympic mascots to recognise their dedication to the spirit of the games.

Organising committee chairman Sebastian Coe said: “The pupil’s work is an excellent example of how London 2012 is helping to spark young people’s imagination and inspiring them to get involved.

“The education programme extends far beyond PE and sport and I hope it will motivate young people to join their journey.”