Falkirk Council to change way children needing extra support are helped

Falkirk Council want schools to be more inclusive
Falkirk Council want schools to be more inclusive

Additional support for children and young people is currently provided in a variety of settings across Falkirk district.

All of the education authority’s schools provide specialist teaching and assistance for youngsters.

There are currently 32 outreach teachers and five support for learning assistants with additional support expertise and experience working alongside staff in 11 specialist teams.

In 23 primary schools there are 51 small group education classes dealing with a range of additional support needs through: enhanced provision; nurture classes; additional support for learning wings; Ladeside ASD unit; Oxgang School; and Windsor Park Primary.

There are also departments in each mainstream secondary, able to provide part-time support to pupils in small groups.

There are two special units within mainstream secondaries – Denny Northfield and Grangemouth ASL.

The four special schools currently all meet different needs: Mariner Support Service – secondary social emotional and behavioural needs; Carrongrange School – secondary, moderate, severe and complex learning difficulties; Oxgang School – primary social emotional and behavioural needs; and Windsor Park – primary and secondary sensory impairment.

The authority has made growing use of specialised placements out of the district, one of the reasons given for the education budget going into the red. In June there were 21 pupils in independent special schools on a day placement basis; 27 in residential independent special schools; five in secure units; 29 in other local authority provision; and two in specialist health settings.

By streamlining this “piecemeal” provision, it is hoped those who benefit the most will be the pupils.