Education and fun at the BB camp

The BB Anchor
The BB Anchor

Good weather continued to embrace another BB Camp in the NE of England, when 7th Falkirk (St James’ Church) travelled to the site tried by 8th Falkirk (Bainsford Church) last year, alongside the ‘Flamingo Land’ theme park near Scarborough. 
Understandably the boys were initially keen to sample the spectacular park rides, even being prepared to queue for over an hour for the privilege! Skipper, Jim McLean, however had no such aspirations, apparently, it was rumoured, being more than a little apprehensive as to the benefits of the adrenalin rush inspired by roller coasters!

However, regular BB camp life settled down and a day out to York was educationally flavoured with a visit to the National Railway Museum, where many too young to have been able to experience the ‘golden days of steam’ found out why so many of their fathers and grandfathers were so in awe of the huge hissing mechanical giants which thundered through our stations. 
Embracing the theme of this anniversary year of WWI, another outing was arranged to the Eden Camp, near Malton in north Yorkshire. On this site of a former WWII POW camp there now is a modern history theme museum covering British military and social history from 1914 onwards. The extensive array of military exhibits, buildings and contemporary articles also allow visitors to experience the sounds, sights and smells of the period. 
All in all this BB camp, if a little different from the 7th Falkirk norm, was much enjoyed, not least due to the onsite swimming pool and spa, during the exceptional weather. Doubts as to the wisdom of being near a theme park may just have been allayed. Following them on site, and sharing some of the camping gear was 8th Falkirk who must have seen benefits from last year.