Edinburgh’s Kyloe is the Graceland of the steak world

Edinburgh restaurant Kyloe is the place to go for steak
Edinburgh restaurant Kyloe is the place to go for steak
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A good steak has to be one of the most enjoyable meals you can have.

If I was heading to the gallows in the morning I’d order a fillet for my last dinner and if it was anything like the one I had in Kyloe last week I’d bow out a happy man.

A bit too melodramatic maybe, but the restaurant’s signature ingredient really is to die for in one of the most sought-after locations in Scotland’s capital.

Kyloe is Edinburgh’s first gourmet steak restaurant and the name is an old Scots word for Highland beef cattle

The cow may be sacred in here, but Kyloe’s excellence and splendour is akin to a mighty bull strutting confidently, peering down on Princes Street with amazing views on to the castle and the hustle and bustle of the famous shoppers paradise.

Sitting in the fine dining room surrounded by elegant cow hides on the chairs and patterns on the walls with my girlfriend, a comment by former Liverpool footballer Ian St John suddenly struck me.

Karen probably won’t be thrilled that my mind drifted to sport in her captivating company, but it was more the surroundings that made me drift off – only for a split second of course.

Mr St John, the Saint of popular eighties TV duo Saint and Greavsie, was discussing his days under the legendary manager Bill Shankly – a strict disciplinarian whose orders were always followed.

Before every single match, without fail, Shankly, who managed the club from 1959-74 incidentally, insisted the players had a steak for lunch and that the day Saint left the club he hadn’t touched one since.

He may want to reconsider his abstinence from the carnivorous pleasure, however, as Kyloe don’t do normal steaks – they do the “Carlsberg” type .

We were encouraged to try Kyloe because we had vouchers for two sirloin meals with a drink . I will happily return to pay full price.

Even though I’m a fillet man, Kyloe’s sirloin is superb – probably the best I’ve tasted – seasoned with garlic and black pepper with wilted salad leaves and chips done in beef dripping. I was initially worried about the small portion of chips, but they’re so crispy, thick and chunky my concerns were moot by the end of the meal.

Sauces are £2 extra and I chose the bearnaise while Karen had the blue cheese and red wine one.

If Elvis is the king of rock n’ roll, Kyloe is the king of steak. If you love steak, this is Graceland.