Dunipace shopkeeper warned thieves could sue

Dunipace's  Village Store has run into trouble with its Facebook site
Dunipace's Village Store has run into trouble with its Facebook site
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A Dunipace shopkeeper fed-up with his business being targeted by thieves decided to get his own back – by posting their pictures on Facebook.

But Farhan Akram’s name-and-shame strategy backfired when he was warned by police that he could be sued by the very people he was seeking to expose.

CCTV images of the alleged shoplifters were first uploaded to the Dunipace Village Store’s Facebook profile last week.

Comments attached to the pictures accused the individuals shown of being thieves – with one even branded a drug addict.

The posts immediately prompted widespread interest amongst members of the social networking website, with many people expressing support for Mr Akram’s actions.

However, there were claims by some Facebook members that the people pictured were not thieves and had been wrongly identified.

The CCTV images were removed on Saturday following a visit by police to the shop in Stirling Street.

Speaking to The Falkirk Herald, Mr Akram defended his actions but added that he was happy to take the pictures down.

He said: “I was just fed up with people who were constantly stealing from my business.

“I know that this sort of thing has been done before. I’ve heard of other shops in England and Northern Ireland that have done similar things.

“After speaking to the police, I had no problem with taking the pictures down. I don’t want to cause any trouble.”

Mr Akram has run Dunipace Village Store for the past five years.

A spokesperson for Central Scotland Police said: “We can confirm officers did visit a store in Dunipace and offered the shopkeeper appropriate advice.”

Meanwhile, a convenience store in Denny was subject to a robbery last week.

The Corner Shop in Nisbet Drive was targeted at around 6 a.m. on Thursday, April 28.

A 19-year-old male has been charged in connection with the incident and appeared from custody on April 30.