Driver victim of ‘road rage’ incident

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A driver was the victim of ‘road rage’ after pulling over on a country road to allow Nicholas McPhillips who was coming the other way to pass.

Falkirk Sheriff Court heard last Thursday that soon after this McPhillips doubled back and started following the other car, tail-gating it by getting too close.

He then overtook the vehicle before stopping, forcing the other driver to take evasive action to avoid a collision.

McPhillips had admitted driving dangerously on the Tak Ma Doon Road between the Carronbridge Hotel and Nethermains, Denny, on January 24, repeatedly following the other car and driving without a licence or insurance and had sentence deferred for background reports.

At the time of the road traffic offences the 22-year-old from 42 Beech Crescent, Denny, was subject to a community order imposed for threatening behaviour and damaging a car in Overton Crescent, Denny, in August 2015 which included paying £250 compensation to the owner.

Sheriff Derek Livingston was told McPhillips had yet to pay a penny.

Defence lawyer Willie McIntyre claimed: “His life is on chaos, complete disarray. He has lost his job and depressed and now depends on benefits. No compensation has been paid because he simply can’t afford it.”

Sheriff Livingston made it clear he was not impressed with the way McPhillips was treating the community order.

He told Mr McIntyre: “Your client seems to pick and chose what parts of the order he adheres to.

“Paying is not negotiable. If he is not paying there is the alternative of prison. He has not paid a penny and frankly I find that quite insulting.”

Mr McIntyre urged McPhillips be placed on another community order with supervision, but the sheriff was not persuaded.

He said: “I’m prepared to give him a very limited time to pay this compensation and there is no point in sentencing him on the other matter until that is dealt with.”

Sheriff Livingston deferred sentence on the road traffic and breach of community order offences until October 16 and imposed an interim disqualification on McPhillips in the meantime.