Double trouble for rogue parkers as order is agreed

Double yellow lines will be added to the road
Double yellow lines will be added to the road

Shoppers will soon find a popular street in Falkirk is a no-go area for their cars – at any time.

Single yellow lines are to be replaced with double yellow lines along a 31-metre stretch of Cow Wynd to deal with complaints from residents about parking congestion.

The proposed Prohibition of Waiting Order was approved unanimously when the council’s planning committee met yesterday (Wednesday).

Traders who objected to the plan have been assured the change will not interupt the day-to-day running of their businesses – it could even improve the situation.

In her report Rhona Geisler, director of development services, said: “It was acknowledged the shops on Cow Wynd require vehicles to stop for loading and unloading. The objectors were advised the proposed order did not change the loading ability since the effect of a single yellow line and a double yellow line are the same.

“As a result, by removing the vehicles that are parked on the single yellow line and not loading or unloading, there should be better access for shoppers and businesses to stop to load and unload at this location.”

Councillors were told some drivers apparently “don’t understand” the significance of the single yellow line and think - wrongly - that a ‘grace’ period for parking exists.

Checks by council officers confirmed parked cars on Cow Wynd can at times cause congestion. Recently they received a complaint from a householder that a car was obstructing the driveway to their property.

Councillor Adrian Mahoney said: “There are car parks close by, the shopkeepers can can educate their customers about that.”