‘Doorstep’ criminals target elderly residents in Denny

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Callous criminals robbed elderly residents in two separate “doorstep crime” incidents on Tuesday.

The first theft happened between 10am and 1pm, when two men aged 16 to 20 distracted a housholder in Kirkhall Place, stealing property while their victim was distracted.

Then a youth aged around 16 committed a similar crime in Broad Street, some time betweenm 3pm and 4pm.

Community Sergeant Blair Rennie said: “These are despicable crimes and I would ask that friends, family and neighbours of elderly residents remain extra vigilant.

“The reality is that if a sufficiently devious person is determined to prey on elderly people and commit crime against them, no one can guarantee that they will be stopped.

“My team will do everything that we can to make it as difficult as possible for these devious criminals to succeed.”