Don’t miss Falkirk’s big Battle Day on Saturday

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Saturday will see knights in armour roam the streets of Falkirk, in a dramatic commemoration event that’s set to attract people from all over Scotland.

The final programmme for the day is still being finalised, but organisers promise the 720th anniversary of the 1298 Battle of Falkirk will be spectacular - and a fitting reminder of the town’s pivotal role in some of the key events of Scottish history.

There will be activity at Trinity House from 11am, and at 1pm a wreath-laying ceremony there at the tomb of Sir John de Graeme, who was a close friend of patriot William Wallace.

Sir John died, with thousands of other Scots, in the forlorn bid to stem King Edward I’s invasion of Scotland.

At 1.30pm there will be traditional march to Callendar Park and the memorial cairn there, and meanwhile Callendar House will showcase the original sword of Sir John de Graeme, on special loan for the commemoration.

The medieval reenactment group Britannia XIV will also be present, as part of a programme that aims to be family-friendly, colourful and informative, and speakers at the main ceremony will include Falkirk MP John McNally.

David Reid, convener of local group the Society of John de Graeme, expects this year’s event to set the pace for a bigger annual commemoration than we’ve seen in recent years - one which will attract anybody interested in the detail of Scotland’s stormy past.

Several groups, including Falkirk Delivers and the Society of William Wallace, have combined to make July 21, 2018, a day to remember.