Dogged determination

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ONE man and his canine companions showed dogged determination to scale all 284 of Scotland’s Munros.

George Grant (60), of Park Terrace, Brightons, took just over six years to complete the feat, accompanied on 235 occasions by pet papillion Pepe.

Pepe sadly died in an accident, not related to Munro climbing, last year so George turned to one-year-old papillion Dearg to accompany him as he attempted to complete the final 49 climbs.

“Both Pepe and Dearg loved climbing with me - they are not the typical type of dogs you will see on the mountain, but Dearg was running in front of me all the time, enjoying the freedom.”

The Munros of Scotland, mountains over 3000 feet high, are popular with hikers like George who go “Munro bagging” - aiming to climb all of the listed Munros. The most famous Munro is Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the British Isles, at an height of 1344 metres.

“It’s just a hobby,” said George. “Wee Pepe was supposed to finish them with me but he died and I decided to keep going with Dearg.”

Munro mission now complete, George says he and Dearg will continue to scale the heights together just for fun and exercise.