Dog’s paw slashed in Brightons park

Mrs Exeter and her dog Alfie whose paws needed stitches after stepping on broken glass. Picture: Lisa McPhillips (140647)
Mrs Exeter and her dog Alfie whose paws needed stitches after stepping on broken glass. Picture: Lisa McPhillips (140647)

A dog owner has raised concerns about youths drinking in public parks after her pet’s paws were ripped open by broken glass.

Catriona Exeter’s Labrador Alfie required stitches in his front left paw after stepping on glass from broken booze bottles when he was playing in Quarry Park in Brightons.

Catriona (32), who lives in Rumford with husband Dave and 18-month old son Harry, said: “It has been very distressing for Alfie and the family as he has been in a lot of pain and needed surgery, which also cost a lot of money.

“This is what can happen when people drink and discard their bottles in a park where a lot of people walk their dogs. Children play there too. I urge other dog walkers to take care if they are there with their dogs.”

Police and Falkirk Council have been monitoring the park in recent years. In the summer of 2011 there were reports of up to 80 youths, some as young as 12, drinking and organising gang fights there through Facebook.

Police say they had received information this could be happening again, but there was no trouble reported following increased patrols of the park last weekend.

Inspector Billy Drummond said: “The park is an area we patrol routinely on anti-social behaviour patrols, mainly at weekends. There were increased patrols last weekends as it was a priority location at the time. We have not been made aware of broken glass being left regularly but I will raise the issue at the Brightons Community Council meeting I am attending on Thursday.”

Community council convenor Tom Grieve said the committee was “happy” with how the problem of teenagers gathering in the park has been dealt with.

He said: “The council’s parks department screen for litter and broken glass more regularly now, but I will make sure this is discussed at our meeting this week.”

Falkirk Council said its community safety team patrolled the park with police on 20 occasions late last year but has received no recent complaints of antisocial behaviour.
A spokesman said: “Over the past month the team has received no complaints nor witnessed any concerns in terms of vandalism and youth disorder.
“We did receive a complaint regarding antisocial behaviour that included damaged play equipment, littering of gardens, graffiti and other disturbances in November last year.”