Dog owner calls for Callendar Park maintenance to improve after pet is injured

Injured dog Floyd with owner Leigh Mclelland
Injured dog Floyd with owner Leigh Mclelland

A dog owner is demanding action after her pet stepped on broken glass and badly gashed a paw during his daily walk in Callendar Park.

After the incident, Leigh McLellan’s four-year-old Italian Spinoni Floyd was rushed to the vet in agony to have the wound stitched.

Fortunately the animal is expected to make a complete recovery - but now Leigh is calling for a major clean-up to make the area safe.

The 39-year-old account manager from Laurieston is not only worried it could happen again to her pets - but that a child could be seriously hurt unless something is done.

She has complained to Falkirk Council which own the sprawling 170 acre estate, Falkirk Community Trust which runs it on their behalf and the Forestry Commission.

As well as Floyd, Leigh and her partner Lynne Mitchell (45) also have an eight-year-old Labradoodle, Ollie, as family pets.

Last Wednesday Lynne took both dogs out for their regular early morning workout around the park.

Leigh said: “They were taking the usual route. The dogs were off the lead running along the paths through the woods, but when Floyd reappeared Lynne noticed he was limping very badly. She got him home and saw the blood streaming from his paw. We took him straight to the vet and he was sedated as his paw was sewn back together.

“The council has really let itself down with the state of the park and the Forestry Commission should hang its head in shame. The situation with the glass is particularly dire. I’m worried something very serious could happen, not just to a dog but a child. Does a child have to be hurt before something is done? It’s totally unacceptable.”

A spokesperson for the community trust said: “The park is patrolled regularly for litter and debris especially in the high footfall areas. However it is a 170 acre site and is difficult to monitor constantly.

“It is distressing to see any animal injured as a result of the irresponsible behaviour of an individual breaking glass with clear disregard for public space. This is anti-social behaviour and we would encourage the public to report it.”

The Forestry Commission Scotland said: “Callendar Wood is a very busy site and unfortunately littering, including broken bottles, is an issue we face. However we do have an active programme of removing litter and cleaning up and remove about six big domestic bin bags worth each week. If the public comes across littering or broken glass, please report it to us.”