Dirty lingerie aired at macrobert

Dirty Pakistani Lingerie has won awards and sold-out theatres around the world
Dirty Pakistani Lingerie has won awards and sold-out theatres around the world

An award-winning show that has sold out performances across the world is coming to Stirling’s macrobert arts centre.

Dirty Pakistani Lingerie, a play about Muslim-American women, has been called a ‘must-see’ by critics, as preconceptions are hilariously and hauntingly shattered by the drama.

Cross-cultural sparks fly as six Pakistani-American women air their ‘dirty laundry’ in the show, which was written and performed by Aizzah Fatima.

Fed up with being offered parts such as as ‘terrorist wife number 2’, Fatima wrote this scrip herself and it interweaves the stories of six Muslim-American women, aged 6-65.

Drawing from real-life incidents and one-on-one interviews with Pakistani-American women, the show is both infectiously funny and deeply moving and Fatima has attracted rave reviews for her performance.

Erica Gould’s direction incorporates haunting movement and dreamlike projections, as well as razor-sharp physical comedy.

Fatima said, “I felt as if I was surrounded by all these amazing women who had remarkable stories to tell - who just happened to be Pakistani Americans.

“There was a human side to this experience of being a Muslim American woman that was completely missing in the media, completely missing in the types of characters we see in film, TV, theatre.

Dirty Pakistani Lingerie is at Stirling Macrobert on Tuesday, March 8 at 7.30pm. Tickets, £12 (£10.50/ students £5.50) are available from the box office on 01786 466666 or visit www.macrobert.org.