Denny’s Stevie McCrorie reflects on ‘The Voice’ success

Fireman Stevie McCrorie scaled new heights when he impressed all four judges on BBC talent show ‘The Voice’.

And he was overwhelmed by the reaction to his success.

Stevie impressed on 'The Voice'

Stevie impressed on 'The Voice'

The 29-year-old fireman, who grew up in Denny but now lives in Clackmannanshire, but works at Kirkcaldy Fire Station, was selected from 40,000 wannabe singers who applied to take part in the competition.

He performed Kodaline’s ‘All I Want’ for celebrity judges, Tom Jones, Ricky Wilson and Rita Ora in the series opener.

And his performance was so good, it persuaded all the coaches to turn around for him in the show’s blind auditions.

Stevie, who works as a firefighter in Kirkcaldy, watched the pre-recorded show with friends and family in a pub in his home town of Alva.

He said: “I was with my family and friends and the atmosphere was electric.

“I have never experienced that level of intensity before. Everybody was cheering, I felt quite emotional. I had to keep what happened a secret - apart from telling close family - so to get the reaction I did was fantastic!”

There was one judge in particular that Stevie was keen to impress: “I was so thrilled when Tom turned, but as he did I nearly lost my composure! Tom is an absolute hero of mine so I wanted to make sure I nailed that high note. I think he appreciated how much I wanted to hit it.”

But when it came to choosing a judge, Stevie said he knew which one he wanted: “Of course the guys here at the station were saying I should have picked Rita, although I’m sure my wife would have been wondering why if I had! I chose Ricky because I felt I could connect with him and he is someone I could feel normal with - I would have been a bit star-struck with Tom Jones or!

“It all still feels very surreal - I’m overwhelmed with all the messages of support I’ve had. But the guys here at the station have been great at keeping me grounded.”

While Stevie has been performing at local gigs for years, he confessed he didn’t have the courage to apply for ‘The Voice’ so colleagues at Fife’s fire headquarters applied for him.

He said: “The guys at HQ thought I had something so applied for me. I never had the courage or self-belief to do it myself, but I’m now very thankful that they did.”

Craig Robertson, Blue Watch manager, said: “I thought he was very good and handled himself really well. We are all proud of him and wish Stevie all the best - it’s a great opportunity for him.”

Video courtesy of BBC/Wall to Wall