Denny pupils dig deep at Cloybank garden

Pupils from Denny High at the new community garden at the Cloybank estate in Banknock
Pupils from Denny High at the new community garden at the Cloybank estate in Banknock

A sporting estate in Banknock has teamed up with Denny High School to create a community garden with an entrepreneurial twist.

Pupils visited Cloybank to help put the finishing touches to a green space that they will use to grow fruit and vegetables, with any profits from its sale being reinvested back in the garden and used to help the scheme expand.

It is hoped that many other local groups will get involved in the project and grab the opportunity to get their hands dirty and take on their own allotment in which they can grow their own produce.

Two large, plastic-sheeted greenhouses have already been built, and further work will take place before the garden is officially up and running in the new year.

For Cloybank assistant manager Seamus Corry, it’s a project that has been designed to give something back to the community and to encourage more people to visit the Banknock estate.

He said: “We have an amazing space here.

“I’m a big advocate of social enterprise. It’s profit for purpose. We’re not on the take - we’re on the give.

“The idea behind this garden is to give local groups a chance to come up here and take charge of their own plot.

“The benefits for youngsters are great. They can learn all kinds of outdoor skills here which will never leave them.”

The garden has been built thanks to the support of the Stirling branch of B&Q, and by ingeniously using various recycled materials.

The pathways in the garden, for example, are made from reclaimed tarmac that once was the surface of the M9 motorway.

For more information on the Cloybank community garden, or for details on how your group can get involved, call Seamus at Cloybank on (01324) 841707.