Denny parents’ playground shortcut fear

Denny Primary School
Denny Primary School
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Parents want Falkirk Council to improve security at a primary school where the playground is used as a shortcut.

But it could be difficult. Officials have just discovered the route is a right-of-way

Members of the parent-teacher association at Denny Primary School raised concerns about the number of people who use the route as a shortcut between Duke Street and Dunipace - even when pupils are enjoying playtime.

Secretary Claire Boyle has two children attending the school and recently wrote to Falkirk Council’s director of education to ask for improvements to be made.

She said: “I know that people have to get access to the community education building, the house next to it and the stairs leading from Dunipace, but the playground itself could still be made secure.”

Mrs Boyle told The Falkirk Herald she felt compelled to act after hearing that a group of apparently drunk adults had wandered through the playground while children were in class.

She added: “It’s a situation that has somehow become the norm, where people use the playground as a shortcut when they are walking from Duke Street and on towards Dunipace.

“But I can’t think of a single other school in the district where members of the public can simply walk in to the playground unchallenged.

“It’s a security issue that doesn’t need explaining. It’s a real concern to many parents. But it’s a situation that could easily be resolved.”

Tracie Upton, who also has a child attending the school, has started an online petition calling for Falkirk Council to take action.

To date, more than 50 people have signed it.

One signatory commented: “My god daughter attends this school and her safety is my main concern, however, the safety of children whilst in the security of school should not even be questionable in this day and age.”

A spokesman for Falkirk Council said: “We have been made aware of this issue already by the chair of the parent council.

“On further investigation, we have discovered there is a public right of way and as such, are taking legal advice as to what would be the best solution.

“Once we have this, we will be in contact with the headteacher and the parent council to update them.”

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