Denny fencer asks for funding help

A talented athlete is 
appealing to local businesses to help her maintain her 
position on Team GB.

Jennifer Sancroft is one of the leading fencers in the UK and is almost certain to qualify to represent Scotland at the Commonwealth fencing championships later this year.

Commonwealth Games hopeful Jennifer needs financial support to deliver for Scotland

Commonwealth Games hopeful Jennifer needs financial support to deliver for Scotland

But despite having landed a string of titles in competitions both home and abroad the 26-year-old from Denny receives no funding from any central sports agencies.

She instead has to raise all of the cash required for equipment, training and travel to and from events across the world - around £10,000 per season - herself.

Jennifer, who works full-time as a regional development officer for Judo Scotland, has already had to cancel plans to compete for Team GB at the Antalya World Cup in Turkey next month.

She’s now hoping some 
local businesses will step in and offer her sponsorship.

Due to the limited amount of sports funding available from central bodies, many
 athletes from all disciplines miss out altogether and have to rely upon corporate sponsorship or raise the cash themselves.

“Working full- time as well as training full-time is completely exhuasting,” she said. “Having to raise funds at the same time is making my prep-arations for the Commonwealth Games very difficult.

“Unfortunately, I am completely self-funded as I receive no grant funding or support from my Scottish Governing Body.

“I am currently in a qualifying position to represent Scotland, so competing in other international events will help me to improve my world 
ranking and gain vital experience.”

Jennifer is hoping to win medals in both individual and team sabre events at the Commonwealth championships, which take place in Largs in November.

Although not an official event in the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, the championships are still one of the prestigious events in fencing.

“The events I can compete in have an international interest, they are streamed around the world and have thousands of viewers,” she added.

“I can incorporate a company’s logo in my kit, and can also coach staff or do corporate events.”

To contact Jennifer, email or visit and search for ‘Team 104’.