Denny councillor apologises for swearing

Calls were made for Mr McCabe to resign after his comments at the meeting. Picture: Michael Gillen (123739L)
Calls were made for Mr McCabe to resign after his comments at the meeting. Picture: Michael Gillen (123739L)
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A councillor has apologised for a foul-mouthed outburst aimed at Falkirk Council 
during a public meeting he chaired.

Danny and Banknock representative Brian McCabe called the council “b*****ds” at a pro-independence gathering, which featured former MSP Tommy Sheridan in the Songbird Bar in Dunipace two weeks ago.

Following a speech by Mr Sheridan in which he cited using the Labi Siffre song ‘Something Inside So Strong’ as inspiration for his work, Mr McCabe revealed he listens to it at council meetings.

In the video, which was posted on YouTube and Mr McCabe’s own Facebook page, he adds: “Any time there is a council meeting, Falkirk Council, I have that on my iPod and I stick it on.

“And I’m feeling like s**t because I’m going in to face these b*****ds, fighting for Denny, knowing that things are not going to happen and what do I do? I play it!

The remark sparked outrage among other elected members to the council who branded his outburst “disgraceful” and demanded an apology along with his resignation as a councillor.

Mr McCabe has now issued an apology and insists he will not stand down.

He said: “My comments were not addressed to any individual and it was never my intention to cause offence to anyone. I apologise if that was the case.”

Mr McCabe has received support from his constituents on the issue. Chrissy Burt said on the Herald’s Facebook page: “The man was only venting his frustration at the lack of progress on the so called development of Denny town centre.

“I appreciate that his language may have been a bit colourful but I am sure if you were to ask Denny residents and shopkeepers their views they would respond with language every bit as colourful, if not more so.”

Council leader Councillor Craig Martin said the remark was “unacceptable”. He added: “As far as I am concerned he has acknowledged he has made an error and I accept his apology but it’s still not clear who the remark was made to.

“The word he used was out of order and is contrary to the Councillors’ Code of Conduct so he may have to face the Standards Commission to answer this.”

Bonnybridge Councillor Billy Buchanan said he has made a formal complaint to police regarding the remark, which he called “shocking”, and is also calling for Mr McCabe’s resignation.

Police could not confirm whether any complaints had been made to them.