Denny Councillor aiming for Westminster

Denny Councillor Brian McCabe wants to be an MP
Denny Councillor Brian McCabe wants to be an MP

Denny Councillor Brian McCabe intends to stand as an MP at the General Election in May.

The independent for Denny and Banknock claims he has backing to join the race for the Falkirk seat being vacated by disgraced former Labour Party member Eric Joyce.

Mr McCabe was elected to the town hall with 622 votes after the local government poll in 2012 and, with colleague Robert Spears of Grangemouth, now forms half of the Non Aligned Independent Group on the council.

Councillor Spears has written to SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon seeking support for his colleague to fight the seat in a direct response to their commitment to work with people who were Yes campaigners at the referendum but not SNP members.

He claimed: “As independent local councillors within the Falkirk area it is important to recognise the need for the strongest candidate to go forward and win the seat from a disjointed and damaged Labour party.”

Mr McCabe said: “I have been approached by a number of people. I would be far from happy to see the local SNP constituency party select a person from outwith the Falkirk area. For the past 14 years Falkirk has been unrepresented at national level in Westminster. That cannot be allowed to continue.

“For Labour to once again impose a candidate parachuted in, as they had done with Eric Joyce, is, I believe, a serious error. I say it is time to vote local and I know what is needed.”

Councillor Colin Chalmers, chair of the Falkirk Constituency Association of the SNP, confirmed its selection process for Falkirk has now been completed.

He said: “We had our timetable set up and approved by SNP headquarters within a week of the referendum result.

“Six expressions of interest were shown, including two from sitting SNP members of Falkirk Council, and we will now proceed to a ballot based on the single transferable voting system to confirm our candidate.”