Denny-born fireman wins in style

Stevie's mum's Sandra was delighted for her boy on Saturday when he won The Voice
Stevie's mum's Sandra was delighted for her boy on Saturday when he won The Voice

There was delight across Falkirk district when Denny-born Stevie McCrorie won ‘The Voice’ on Saturday night.

The dad-of-one sang his heart out during the nail-biting BBC show to win the most votes from the public.

It’s the first time a Scotsman has taken the Voice crown, and those around him believe he will go on to make a name for himself and become a role model for wanna-be stars.

Stevie’s mum Sandra McCrorie, who works in Falkirk, said: “Saturday night 
was unbelievable.

“There were 12 or 13 of us there, just family 
and friends.

“We just didn’t know what the result was going to be, because Lucy is a 
beautiful singer.

“But when it was announced he had won, it was amazing.

“He has worked so hard, not just on The Voice but for years playing in the local 
music circuits.”

Since the win, Stevie has been hard at work, promoting his new single, 
‘Lost Stars’.

Sandra said: “He was on the One Show on Monday night, and he sang his single and he was brilliant.

“It’s so strange hearing his name on national television.

“We always watch The One Show, it’s just what you do after work, but seeing him on it was amazing.”

Sandra added: “I really hope he goes on to do great things, and I can see 
that happening.

“He won’t fail.”

Falkirk Provost Pat Reid said he was delighted Stevie had won.

He said: “This is good news for Falkirk.

“My eldest son David is a firefighter and he knows Stevie, and he was involved with a big Facebook campaign to get people to vote for Stevie.

“I am very happy for him, and he seems like a very nice person and a good example to young people.

“Going on to work in the arts is central to education these days with a lot of our young people going on to work in dance and acting.

“I’m sure Stevie will return to Falkirk one day - you never forget your roots.”