Denny author’s third book is acharity winner

Allan Gillies’ books about Denny and Dunipace have become must-have collectables for many local families - and his latest is set to be another sell-out.

Yet when this he published his first effort, Memories of Denny and Dunipace in the 1950’s and 1960’s, seven years ago he couldn’t find a backer and met all the print costs himself.

It sold out, and so did the second book he had published two years later - even although he had increased the print run.

In each case he donated profits to a favourite local cause,Strathcarron Hospice, amounting to a combined total of £5,300.

Alzheimer Scotland service manager Fay Godfrey was delighted to receive a bumper cheque from Alan Gillies for the charity

Now he’s made a trilogy with what will be the last book on the town, and it has raised £3,700 for a diffferent charity, Dementia Research.

He felt he could think of no better destination for a donation than a dementia cause.

“It is a terrible illness which devastates many families, and the prevalence is increasing”, he said.

Meanwhile Allan says he is very grateful to the significant number of Denny people who lent him photographs, provided information - and, most of all. purchased his three books on the town.

Many will probably be disappointed to find this latest volume is the last, but taken together the trilogy is a remarkable record of the area’s life and times.

Anyone who still wishes to buy a copy of his most recent book can still obtain it (while copies last) from The Fruit Basket, Dunipace Newsagents, and William Hill Bookmakers - price £10.