Denny authors create
a publishing boom

Kirkland Ciccone is already planning his second book
Kirkland Ciccone is already planning his second book
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Denny might not rival Bloomsbury as a hub of the publishing industry – but it’s still fast producing a number of talented new authors.

The town is home to two writers who have both published their debut novels in recent weeks and are already planning their next fictional instalments.

Kirkland Ciccone and Graeme Williamson may have produced two very different books, but they share a passion for the written word and a sense of excitement that their efforts are now on sale.

Ciccone (31) has written ‘Conjuring the Infinite’, a fantasy thriller aimed at teenagers and young adults that was inspired by the author’s love of Twin Peaks, Doctor Who and Hammer Horror films.

Ciccone said: “The book is dark, funny, scary, eerie, compelling and completely over the top.

“I think teenagers are going to love it. ‘Conjuring The Infinite’ is for cool teens and their cooler parents.”

By contrast Graeme Williamson (35), has chosen to publish his debut novel, ‘The University of Life: Growing Up on a Building Site’, under the pen name Jimmy McKenzie.

Williamson’s book is based on his experiences as a young apprentice painter and decorator, and is packed full of hilarious anecdotes from work and college mates.

He said: “It will appeal to anyone who’s worked in a trade – or who attended Falkirk College, as it used to be known.”

Both books can be bought online from Amazon and will soon be in stock at the Falkirk High Street branch of Waterstone’s.