Deep fried mince pies and pigs become a news sensation

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The owners of Camelon’s Union Chippie can’t have guessed just what they were starting when they launched deep fried mince pies on the menu.

The Falkirk Herald story about the seasonal treats, which also include deep fried pigs and blankets, was followed by an overnight news sensation of the sort marketing boffins dream of.

Owner Jim Beck said: “We have had so many different news organisations from all over the country sharing our mince pies and pigs in blankets story, and we absolutely cannot believe it has taken off the way it has.

“This means so much to a small business like us.❤️

“All the staff the the New Union Chippie would like to thank everyone who has shown an interest in what we do.

“A huge warm welcome to our new customers, and to our existing customers- thank you!

“We could never have done this without you guys!”

The Falkirk Herald story was echoed by sister papers including the Scotsman, the Northern Echo (north of England) and the Larne Times, as well as the BBC, STV, and international marketing site Kaplan, together with some other significant newspaper titles.

The story of the pigs in blankets range variant was originally broken on December 3, when the Union Chippie proudly announced: “Alongside our mincemeat pies in batter, for the whole month of December.. we will be selling our delicious pork sausages wrapped in bacon and deep fried in batter!

“We don’t think anything else needs to be said on this one, except- ENJOY!”

The Union Chippie has previously (back in summer) offered its customers the legendary battered Mars Bar. which in popular British mythology all Scots are supposed to eat, but which remains a comparative rarity.

However it’s unclear if any chip shop on either side of the border has offered mince pies - or pigs in blankets - before.

The deep fried novelty specials are only planned to be offered during December, and, say the owners, will disappear from the menu in January - even if some customers now want to see them on sale all year round.