Dedication and practical application

Most BB Officers are indeed dedicated in the work they do with their companies.

How easy it often becomes to get so tied up with all the work that entails and forget the overall essence of the organisation ‘the advancement of Christ’s Kingdom ...’ and the need to first dedicate ourselves and seek His support, without which all the rest becomes just a façade.

Good therefore to see officers witnessing to just that end at the Battalion Officers’ Dedication Service, with the chaplain, the Rev. Andrew Sarle, at Bainsford Parish Church and joining for fellowship in their hall thereafter; a time to catch up with old friends and members from the Stedfast Association.

Sadly all too few officers and helpers were there, relative to the couple of hundred or so out there week by week. Some no doubt having been at worship earlier that day or at work might have been unable to attend but such personal re-commitment, reminding us of our obligation and leadership ethics must surely be a date for the diary.

Last session the Battalion hosted the Mid Scottish Queensmen Parade and Presentation in Larbert and it seems to have been well received. This year we have been invited to host the UK National five-a-side finals to decide the National BB Champions.

An honour to be asked, again reflecting on the confidence in our Battalion. However again too, should we decide to accept, a lot of work and organisation. The Battalion Council at the People’s Church Falkirk tonight (Thursday) at 7.30pm will decide on the best way forward, but clearly if we go ahead thought will need to be given to sponsorship and time commitment to ensure that everyone attending takes away an image befitting a battalion which so often enjoys just such hospitality when our boys so regularly attend the final stages of just such BB National Events.