Deadline for food waste bins issued

Residents have to use their food wastebins by January 1, 2016
Residents have to use their food wastebins by January 1, 2016

Residents have been issued with a deadline to ensure they are using the controversial food waste bins by the 
government deadline.

Falkirk Council issued new bin collecting schedules this week along with a message to 19,000 properties in the district that the food waste collection bins “must” be used by January 1, 2016 as a 
directive from the Scottish Government.

The bins have caused a stir since being introduced by the council three years ago when it was a voluntary scheme.

Residents say the bins are unhygienic and fear that they would attract rats and foxes or stink out their homes while waiting for them to be collected, however, householders have been assured the bins are safe.

The new schedule also shows that the food bins have to be put out in the street at 6.30am but may not be collected until 7pm, sparking fears that food waste would be strewn all over streets.

One resident said: “People would like to recycle food waste but I don’t think this is the best way to do it. It’s not hygienic and if bins are going to be out in the street all day the contents could end up all over them.”

A council spokesperson said: “Updated bin collection calendars have been sent out recently to around 19,000 properties.”

“The calendar highlights once again the importance of using the bins provided for recycling household waste with an emphasis on using the food waste caddy to help us achieve nationally set recycling targets.”

The council has a Waste Watchers Challenge is says will help with recycling and save families time and money on food waste.

After completing a waste diary for a week, a survey will reveal where savings can be made.

For more information on recycling visit, e-mail or call (01324) 504444.

The Food Waste campaign has issued simple steps for households to reduce food waste and save money: check cupboards, fridge and freezer then write a list before shopping.

Plan meals in advance.

Plan portion sizes.

Check date labelling and storage information.

Use up or freeze leftovers.

Recycle unavoidable food waste like peelings, bones and teabags.

By wasting less food it could save families £470 a year.

Scotland’s population wastes one fifth of the food it buys every year.

Around 630,000 tonnes of food and drink is thrown away annually, which creates harmful greenhouse gases and costs the country £1 billion. More than half the country is now part of food waste collection schemes.