David Bowie lives on in Falkirk

David Bowie
David Bowie

Falkirk’s very own David Bowie was shocked to hear of the musical legend’s death this week.

The local Mr Bowie (52) was born in Torrance and moved to Falkirk in 1999. Now retired, he worked as a site manager for Wiseman Dairies. He said he took a “lot of stick” over the years, but was a fan of Bowie’s music growing up.

He told The Falkirk Herald: “The weirdest greeting I ever got was, after introducing myself as David Bowie, the person replied, I see you got your eyes fixed then.”

Mr Bowie said his namesake’s singles and albums were “prevalent” in the charts when he was a teenager, so he heard a lot about the other David Bowie from an early age.