Dark deeds and doublets at Blackness Castle

Life in 16th century Scotland was often short, but never dull - as a dramatic blast-from-the-past at Blackness Castle will show tomorrow.

Back in 1572, when world events included the Eighty Years War in the Netherlands, the dashing young Lord Claud Hamilton seized the castle in the name of Mary Queen of Scots - who had been forced to abdicate and was held captive in England.

Her supporters at Blackness spent their time usefully, carrying out piratical raids on ships in the Forth and attacking towns in Fife, but thanks to an underhand trick (a speciality in Stuart times) the castle was recaptured by Mary’s enemies the following year.

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Tomorrow you’re invited to meet one of Hamilton’s men and hear about siege warfare in the 16th century, feel the weight of period arms and armour - and brush up on your skills with pike or sword and buckler.

The event runs from noon till 4pm, and you can book at https://www.historicenvironment.scot/visit-a-place/whats-on/event/?eventId=ee844a3d-f538-4499-b313-a6b200b6ff50