Dad sends hilarious entry to win garden makeover for son

A Falkirk dad has sent in a hilarious competition entry to win his football-daft son a garden makeover so he can practice his skills.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 3rd April 2017, 5:03 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:28 pm
Football-daft Kyle in his back garden
Football-daft Kyle in his back garden

Jason Glen entered the MyBuilder’s ‘Win a Grand for your Garden’ competition with a funny and heartfelt message he hopes will land him the £1000 prize for his son Kyle.

In his entry Jason says: “As a caring dad, who has had his arm twisted into buying a flipping kitchen to keep the wife happy, I go through a hell of a lot of sadness and stress, worrying about our son kicking a ball.

“Already we can’t go on holiday this year (due to the flipping kitchen forthcoming). We face a summer of either our back garden looking like the football pitches of the 70s, or let the wee man and his sister destroy our front wee lawn, annoy neighbours and dodge passing cars.

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“My son Kyle plays for the Falkirk 09’s age group and his passion is football. This passion for our national game causes amazing stress on nature’s beloved grass. Our grass is lower than our patio, and physics and nature thus decides to put its gravity and water powers to devastating effect on the wee man’s hallowed turf.

“Hope we win as we’ve never won Hee Haw in our Nelly Puffs. If we don’t I would love a funny reply.”

The competition prize is a garden transformation with a value of up to £1,000 – including materials and a MyBuilder tradesman to complete the work.

Jason added: “Kyle, our aspiring future footballer, has to be told many times ‘You cannae play oan the gress, its soaking bud.’ This means that he has to kick his ball about in front of our house on the road and small front lawn.

“I imagine you’ll get many replys to this thread, some bordering on begging letters, some from pure chancers, most from FB saddo’s. I’m not any off the above, but I believe in ‘You don’t get if you don’t ask’.

“Hope this letter brightens up your day, as that is what life’s all about.

Over 280 homeowners from all over the UK have already entered, while members of the public have cast over 9000 votes so far.

Commenting on the competition, MyBuilder CEO and Founder Ryan Notz said: “Britain is a nation famous for its gardens and gardeners and we want to celebrate that heritage.

“In previous similar competitions, we saw how it changed lives for the better. We know how much it means to people to have an attractive, usable garden, so we’re proud to be able to help people achieve that dream again.”

Kyle only has eight votes so far. To vote to help get Kyle a garden he can play football in safely click here.