D-day a month away for Falkirk block of flats clear out

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PENSIONERS have been ordered to clear the landings of their high rise flats so they do not become victims of a fire in their multi storey blocks.

The OAPs have reacted angrily to letters from Falkirk Council telling them to remove the carpets, pot plants and tables they have put there over the years to brighten the areas up.

But despite their complaints, they have been given until January 31 to clear the landing because the items pose a health and safety hazard.

Housing bosses completed a fire risk assessment in all their high rise buildings at the request of their insurers, who were worried about the number of fatal fire accidents in multistories across the UK.

The council hired a firm of specialists and had its recommendations backed by Central Scotland Fire and Rescue Service.

Divisional manager Elizabeth Hood said: "Our main concern is the health and wellbeing of our tenants. As a responsible landlord we have a legal obligation to make these areas safe, otherwise, if the worst happened and there was a fire fatality, we could be held legally responsible for that death."

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