Curry sauce alert in Forth Valley after kids fall ill

Supermarket shelves were cleared of jars of curry sauce following an outbreak of deadly botulism.

Two children, understood to be from Stirling, fell ill after eating the Loyd Grossman korma cooking sauce.

Consumers across Forth Valley are being reassured this appears to be an isolated incident. But as a precaution they are being warned not to consume any sauce from the same batch.

The youngsters were rushed to Forth Valley Royal Hospital but were transferred to Yorkhill Children’s Hospital, Glasgow, on Friday.

On Wednesday, their condition was said to be stable and improving.

Their family has requested that no further details on the pair be revealed.

A warning about the sauce was first issued last Friday by Health Protection Scotland.

The sauce, which was in a 350g jar has a batch code of 1218R and a best before date of February 2013.

Only one jar is known to have been contaminated with Clostridium botulinum which can cause botulism poisoning.

The Food Standards Agency said it was only sold in branches of Tesco, Morrison and the Co-op. All the supermarkets have now cleared their shelves of the product and notice put up warning customers.

Botulism is a very rare but potentially fatal bacteria that exist in the environment but can become dangerous when it comes into contact with food

Symptoms include blurred vision, difficulty swallowing and difficulty speaking. Rapid deterioration is followed by muscle weakness. Anyone who experiences these symptoms should seek urgent medical help.

Anyone who has bought the sauce is urged to destroy the product and contact 0800 389 8548.

No other Loyd Grossman or Premier Foods product are known to be affected.