Criticism for precinct’s costly new look

The new look Charlotte Dundas Cout
The new look Charlotte Dundas Cout

Residents living near a Grangemouth shopping precinct have less than kind things to say about the area’s £400,000 outdoor facelift.

The refurbishment work at Charlotte Dundas Court which began in the summer, and is apparently still going on, involved the removal and refitting of a dozen existing shop fronts and external public realm works to introduce a spot of colour to the court.

While residents and shoppers have nothing negative to say about the new shop fronts – which cost over half of the £400,000 – the thinking behind spending a reported £140,000 replacing existing seating with brightly coloured curved plastic rings has come in for criticism, especially in this current climate of budget cuts and closure concerns.

One resident said: “It’s a disgrace and an eyesore – the red, purple and green seats are a joke and make the area look like a children’s playpark. Why did the council spend so much on something like this when money is supposedly so tight?

“To have people talking about closing Grangemouth Town Hall and then see something like this is a real sickener. It’s a total waste of money.”

Another householder, who lives around the corner, added: “They could have used the money on something else – the shop fronts are actually quite good, but the seats are terrible. How long will it be until they are damaged or stolen?”