Crisis talks needed for Grangemouth town centre

Mathiesons is just the latest shop to close its doors in Grangemouth
Mathiesons is just the latest shop to close its doors in Grangemouth

Grangemouth is headed for crisis with shop after shop closing down and traders reportedly going without a wage.

The Tesco store in Talbot Street, Grangemouth, still looks likely to close its doors in April and now Mathiesons retail outlet, just yards away in La Porte Precinct, has shut down.

Responding to the latest news, East Falkirk MP Michael Connarty said: “Mathiesons is gone, Party Daze closed last year and a clothing shop up the street did not even stay open for a year – La Porte Precinct is having real problems.

“Local shopkeepers have told me they are not paying themselves a wage in order to help their business survive. There is a real need for a crisis meeting for the town centre.”

Mr Connarty said a petition to try and save the Tesco store had collected over 1000 signatures.

He said: “We are using the petition to show people how much support there is here for the store.”

Last month Tesco announced it planned to close its metro branch on April 4, placing 68 jobs in jeopardy, because it was not making a profit – a claim which is being disputed by Mr Connarty.

Mathiesons stated the closure of its premises, including another retail branch in Falkirk’s Cow Wynd, was due to dropping footfall and a tough economic climate.

Councillor Robert Spears repeated his plea to shoppers in Grangemouth to look local first, especially at this time.

He said: “Business is business and if you don’t use a shop it shuts. No one can afford to keep a shop open if it’s not being used.”

Falkirk East MSP Angus MacDonald said he planned to raise the issue of Grangemouth town centre at the Scottish Parliament yesterday (Wednesday).